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November 24, 2001
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Outlet Shopping

It started as a very simple day. I sometimes wonder if Kathy gets tired of just sitting in our house and playing with Jet, but she's been very sweet about it, and hasn't complained in the least. Since she has been quite good about complaining when things to bug her, I guess being just in the house hasn't bothered her that much. We were just going to do that, but then John figured he wanted to return a bracket he hadn't needed for the Bose speakers and I said that I wanted to go for a walk.

So we decided to combine the two. It's not like there isn't plenty of walking where outlet shopping is concerned. We got there and found the parking lots just packed. Compared to just a couple of weeks ago it was totally crowded, there weren't any spaces in the lots compared to half empty lots just a little while ago. We brought the stroller, tucked Jet in with plenty of blankets and covers and then started walking.

It was pretty cold in the shade, warm in the sunshine, and there were lots and lots of things for Jet to see. Kathy tagged along heroically. The Bose outlet had no problem with the return and we were out of there fairly quickly. We then just wandered through all kinds of stuff. The Coleman outlet was replete with coolers, and I was interested by the insulated lunch bags, but I think I actually have one and it's not like I bring lunch anywhere anymore. There'll be plenty of time until Jet'll have to bring lunches anywhere, too.

The Big Dogs outlet was something of a disappointment for us, though we did manage to get one really cute thing for Jet. It was a jacket with a Big Dogs flying squadron patch on it with a jet zooming through the air. It seemed highly appropriate. Still, Big Dogs seems to have evolved into a big chain kind of thing, with fashionable sports wear instead of just good solid utility stuff that was inexpensive. Now it's just expensive plush looking things that wouldn't hold up to really heavy wear. It's kind of sad that even the stuff at the outlet was expensive enough for me to think twice of getting anything.

There were dozens of others, and Kathy and John ended up shopping at the Cracker Barrel while I nursed a rather dried out Jet after we'd made the circuit of all the stores. I decided not to go to Harry and David's and get tempted by their pears again. I was just finishing off the last box and it's a treat I think I'll just save for when I really truly need it rather than something that I just stock for more frequent consumption.

By the time we got home it was nearly dinner time, and, by now, we were all tired of turkey and Thanksgiving stuff, so I dug into the freezer and pulled out potstickers. I also made a pot of soupy rice, pulled out the Chinese pickles, made some hot garlic dipping sauce for those that were intrepid enough to stick turkey into it, and stir fried some French cut string beans with some of the honey baked spiral sliced ham so we'd have some veggies as well. It was a fairly tasty combination and Kathy said that since she'd given up the feather comforter she wasn't having allergic reactions, so she could have some amount of soy. She still avoided the soy sauce, but she had plenty of other things to eat.

It was very enjoyable. I'm glad that I can make a dinner like that.

Kathy was a great sport and tried to feed Jet while I was making dinner. We were also playing the Good Eats pot roast episode for her to learn how to make pot roast and in the midst of trying to feed Jet, trying to keep him from raspberrying baby food all over her, and trying to keep him reasonably clean she had a pretty rough time with even attempting to watch the TV. Poor Kathy. She did great by Jet's standards, though, and got enough food into him to make him happy. Yay!

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