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November 18, 2002
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Playing Outside

I'm kind of proud of myself, today. I actually missed a meeting in order to play with Jet. It's pretty cool. Not just playing, of course, we were outside, doing Stuff together.

I'd had the morning, worked a lot, and then got him and he napped well. When Jet woke up we shared some lunch and then we headed out into the world. I put his coat and shoes on, over his protests, but the moment we walked out the door instead of heading for the car, Jet was the happiest boy in the world.

It was sunny, so he had fun chasing his shadow, until he saw the bent over dandelions. He plucked half a dozen of them, and carried them carefully against his breast as we walked along for a while. He was content to just walk with me for a good, long while. Then he whirled to look at some rocks, and then we found six rocks, half embedded in the earth and he had to go touch each one and say, "Rock!" We did this for quite a while and he ended up wanting to dance on each rock while saying, "Rock! Rock! Rock!" Hee. So he did.

We kept going for a while and then Jet turned towards me, hugged my legs and said, "Up, please." So I picked him up and he snuggled up against me and we walked for a bit more, but it's been a while since I've carried him for distance. I, therefore, headed back towards the house. Jet was fine with that and just watched the trucks and cars go by on the big, County road, parallel to our quiet road, and named them as they went by. "Car." "Tuck." "Tuck." "Oooooo.... Tuck!!" as a huge garbage truck went by. When we reached our yard, he wiggled to get put down, so I did, and he headed for our rock beds. He picked up stray rocks as he went and flung them all into the bed and smiled at me.

I grinned back and said, "Yay! Thank you for putting them back." He then busily went around cleaning up the stray rocks and flinging them back into place. I managed to get the bird seed out and refilled the bird feeder. We try to keep it filled up during the winter. There are so many birds that come and eat, that it feels good to supply them steadily. It does mean that I have to refill it pretty frequently, eventhough it takes a gallon of seed to fill it every time. But that does mean that a lot of birds are eating out of it. I'm glad of that.

We had a great time, and then I heard the phone ringing in the garage. Oops. It was folks calling me for my 3:30 meeting, and I ran inside with Jet under my arm, but the phone had stopped ringing. When I wrote email to folks, we sat and waited in the study for a while. Jet was happy playing with a toy train we'd left up there by accident, and then he climbed into my lap while I was watching my email and doing something else.

The next thing I knew, I felt something poking my hand and then running all over it. I looked down and Jet had found a red ball point pen and was drawing on me, the desk, my lab notebook, my keyboard, the mouse and the mouse pad. Oops. Luckily, it washed off with water and some vigorous rubbing, but I didn't yell at him, as it was partially my fault for not noticing what he was doing until well past what he'd done. I just got him a bunch of scratch paper and set him up on the floor and he happily drew there, too. Whew.

It was a pretty cool day, all in all. He ate well, we had a good time, and I missed a meeting I didn't have to be at anyway. I also found out a way to get into the meeting, next time, if they forget to call me. That's very useful, indeed.

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