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November 17, 2002
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Cafe Luna, Local Culture, and The Chamber of Secrets

7:49 pm: A slower day today, but a very satisfying one.

We started at 5 am, with John getting Jet back to sleep and he followed my lead from yesterday and tucked Jet into his car seat. Jet stayed asleep quite well, and the next thing I knew, it was 8:30 in the morning! That was the time we'd originally set to leave, as we had the food to drop off, Cafe Luna to visit, and then getting Jet into the nursery before getting into a pew. It was more than enough time, thank goodness.

I got up, nursed Jet a little on both sides. John showered, came out and took over, as I went and got dressed, and John packed up the car, the diaper bag, and Jet. I managed to find my sunglasses after an effort and then piled in as well.

We headed north, into Longmont and then west and got to Cafe Luna. We'd seen it, driving by it a couple weeks ago, and had to try it. Jet loved sloshing through the leaves on the way in, and once inside, he decided to load up on Odwalla bars and Reese's Fast Break bars as John and I ordered. I managed to wrangle the bars away from him and get him to sit down to a cinnamon muffin and some hot chocolate. He didn't seem to know quite what to do with the hot chocolate as it wasn't even quite as hot as his bottle milk. Oop. The lady was nice, though, in that she didn't want him to get scalded.

He ate a good half of the muffin. John had a breakfast burrito with salsa and Jet really wanted the container of salsa, but John was vigilant and kept it from him. I had a big slice of coffee cake and a double cappuccino, which was very well made. This was a surprise. While we've found a lot of coffee shops in the area, on the most part, they haven't been able to make a decent shot.

I like ordering a cappuccino to test a new espresso place. It doesn't have overwhelming sugars or flavors, and it tests not only the way they draw a shot, but also tests how well they know their drinks, how well they foam milk, and what they think makes a good cap. They did really well. It was nearly dry, i.e. nearly no milk diluting the espresso shots, and the foam was dense and thick and wonderfully hot. I could sip it and get nothing by air and milk for a while and the hit the dense, dark heart of the espresso. Mmmm...

The coffee cake is something I also like trying. It can be hard, dry, tough, tasteless, or over sugared. These guys had a dense, moist, rich cake with a toasted, chewy, crunchy topping of coconut, pecans, and brown sugars. Mmm... it complimented the coffee especially well. Yay!

We will have to go there again, and I'm very tempted to go there and buy my coffee drinks there on a regular basis. I am tired of the local Starbucks not only getting the orders wrong, but not caring about simple things like cleanliness. It is just tiring to deal with. I wish they didn't care so much about speed as getting things right. Cafe Luna definitely got things right.

Outside, there was a couple where the guy was from work and we'd met them as a couple at someone else's wedding. They had a dog, Sasha, along with them, and Jet went to meet her. They studied a squirrel across the street together, and were both told, quite firmly, that they could not go get it. Hee.

We went to the church, and John dropped both of the dinners into the freezer while Jet and I made our way, gradually across the yard to the sanctuary. This time Jet had absolutely no problem with our leaving him in the quiet room. Probably the first time in a long time he didn't cling at all. I think that his late rise time really helped with it. He's been coming here regularly for quite a long time, so I don't think it's just being familiar with the place. In fact, there was a completely new lady in the room, today, but Jet was just fine with it.

The sermon was pretty cool. The kids got a smaller version of it with a girl on the 'outside' being thrown a velvet rope by the group 'inside'. She had a choice of holding on or not, and the whole group brought her in if she wanted. Jet wouldn't let go of the rope, even when everyone was dismissed to their classes. Finally he did, and Pastor Liete said, "Thank you, Jet." which got a huge smile out of Jet.

The whole pew of ladies behind me said, "Ooooooo, how cute!" I had to duck.

It was pretty funny. One cool thing about the sermon was that it made me really think about what I could do to preserve or encourage local culture in the form of using local businesses, buying locally produced items, and partaking of the local gathering places. I really love Mina's and John and I have always been good about eating at local restaurants. Everywhere we go, we look for the local spots.

What I hadn't thought through was shopping at local stores, groceries, and locally run everything. I hadn't really equated Wal-Mart with Safeway, but it's actually a pretty clear parallel. Mega-corps taking over the world and eating up the places that were run and owned locally. So I'll have to figure it out and see what I really want to do about it. The Vitamin Cottage seems to serve up everything that Whole Foods does at a lower price. They're also locally owned and not too much further to go. We can do that.

Jet joined the kid's table for snacks, and got half a cup of 'juice' along with everyone else. He started tipping the cup well before it got to his mouth. He poured half of it down his front and he looked very surprised. I don't know if he was surprised by not getting any to his lips or if he was surprised by the feeling of the cold juice down his front. Oop. We had to change him, clothing and all, afterwards.

From there we took Jet to the Goodell's and left him with Ashley. He was quite happy to play with Alex and Haley in their tent, and we headed off to Westminster and the megaplex theater to see the second Harry Potter movie. We liked it. It's long. It's quite loyal to the original book. I would never have brought Jet to it. Scary as heck for the little kids that were there. Again, I'm surprised by how many people bring toddlers to PG movies, just because someone said that it's a movie for kids...

Ah well. It was fun. We even got Abo's pizza afterwards, with the super thin crust, super hot oven, and wonderfully minimalist toppings. And it was very, very fast. So we picked Jet up at 5:30, and found that he'd had a great time, a two hour nap, and played like crazy the whole time he was awake. Yay!

We had a quiet evening. Jet got a bath, without bubbles, but he enjoyed it anyway and managed to pour a whole, huge, Big Gulp cup of water on us. Yi!

He went to sleep pretty easily and has woken up the one time an hour later. We'll see how he does the rest of the night, but he'd done pretty well last night. And, yes, I went twelve hours without him nursing, today, and actually did okay. I have a feeling we'll be naturally figuring out this weaning thing

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