Liralen's Adventure Through Life
November 2002
  1: Just the Three of Us
  3: Shopping
  4: More Sleep, Magnum Light, Ramen Binge
  5: Voting, Communicating, and Eating
  6: Panda II and Swimming
  7: Grumpy Me
  9: Scott's 66, Replacing the Printer, Meat Bonanza
10: Great Kid Stuff
11: Fixing My Bite, Lunch on the Floor, and A Good Dinner
12: Playing With Jet
13: Grumpy about Swimming, Baby Software and Jumping Boy
14: Grocery Shopping with Jet
15: Massage and Mina's
16: Haircuts, Flu Shots, and Free Turkey
17: Cafe Luna, Local Culture, and The Chamber of Secrets
18: Playing Outside
19: Picky Eater
20: Dealing With a Sick Jet
21: Playing at the Mall
23: Erie Cafe, Erie Library, Vitamin Cottage, and Turkey Dinner
24: Snow and Sprouts
25: Sick Jet, Swimming, and Tea
26: No Brain
27: Chocolate and Nuts
28: Happy Turkey Day
29: John's Adventure Day
30: Mad Shopping Day

It was a quiet month at home. We just got to be the three of us.

I figure out a few things about my bite and while a trip to the dentist doesn't fix everything, it gets enough done that I figure out what I have to do next.

Jet's learning a lot more, learning to play with more things, figuring out language, walking, talking, and getting well into the stage of being an extremelly picky eater. He found the wonders of a Magnum flashlight, and had a great time at the Longmont Mall play area with his other kid friends.

We had a great, at home, Thanksgiving, and John got to celebrate his birthday in the way he likes best, discovering something completely new to us. We went to the Longmont Recreation Center and had a blast. We'll have to go there again, sometime.

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