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November 2, 2003
2, 3, 5 years ago

Day of Rest

Today was our day of rest. Truly, so. Jet napped on the way to church. When we got home and had lunch, John napped. When he got up, I napped, and then on the way to dinner, Jet napped again. He did wake up in time for dinner, and Jet had a really good day, including asking to use the potty and doing so quite well.

Everything was pretty calm. We went to Pho 79 for dinner, and it was good. We even met co-workers there. Jet ate a lot of noodles and soup when he woke up, and was quite happy to do so and sang and played with me he whole way home. He didn't stay up late, either, as he's still sick. So I think he's tired.

After church I had the Boundaries training that John had a few weeks back. Anyone that volunteers to help take care of the kids has to undergo the training, and I think it makes a lot of sense, especially along the lines of Gavin De Becker's Fear Less. Information is the best weapon against terror of various sorts. The training still felt weird, as it's just a bad feeling subject matter. Child molestation is never a 'good' subject, but better to discuss it and look at it and know what to look for than to blindly say, "It could never happen here."

Still, bleh.

Glad to get it done, though.

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