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November 4, 2003
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Finding Nemo - Redux

10:32 pm: The virtual aquarium on the second disc of the Finding Nemo DVD set is very soothing. I really am enjoying it and it helped, a lot, in putting Jet to sleep.

Poor Jet's sick. Been sick for a couple of days, a nose cold that moved into his lungs a bit and his coughing up a lot of stuff. We're giving him an expectorant and it's making his coughing a lot easier, not the dry, racking things he was having the other day. The fever's long gone, and I think he's mending. Plenty of liquids, and he's not too interested in food, but we're tempting him with his favorites and that seems to work well enough.

This morning, he got bran muffins with raisins in them with cream cheese on top. He calls the cream cheese "peanut butter!" or just plain "Want butter!" when he's impatient. This morning, I took him, as John had him for two hours in the middle of the night when Jet wasn't feeling all that good. And I gave him generic Fruit Loops, lots of juice, and when he saw me eating bran muffins, he had to have them, too. At 8:30, as I had to get him ready for pre-school, I went into the bathroom in our bedroom to get ready. John was still asleep.

I thought I'd given Jet plenty of cream cheese, but halfway through my contacts I hear him yelling, "More butter! I want more butter! Pleeze!!"

I heard John giggle as he woke up to that. That was pretty funny. I slathered more cream cheese on Jet's muffin, and he polished it off. Good thing.

I took him to pre-school, and the moment he saw Joey, he ran off after him. No good-bye or anything. He was happy to just play. I was very glad of that. No more clinging or anything. Both John and I feel like Jet has worked through a lot of his two-year-old issues, and is now more confident and seems to know when to assert himself and when he doesn't need to anymore.

Case in point was that John got Jet dressed and ready for school in nothing flat. He just had to say that Jet had to have clothes to go outside to play, and Jet cheerfully helped John put everything on. This after countless weeks of battles about clothing of all kinds. It's like having a new boy. Wow.

I went to work. I had a very, very busy day at work. Not all of it was productive. Some of it was very, very productive. When I got home, we had leftovers for dinner, and then rushed off to the polls to vote. Of course, I forgot my drivers license, and when I told John that, he gave me the car key and I peered at him, "Except..." another guy was looking at me so I didn't finish the sentence and went back to the car, drove home, and got my driver's license.

If anyone found that funny, I did too. *grin* Yeah. Driving home to get my driver's license meant that I didn't have it on the way there. Ah well, I didn't get caught, and it was okay. I voted. Jet helped put the ballot into the vote counting machine, and got a whole strip of stickers for his help. He was very happy.

He danced on the way out, exclaimed in surprise at the moon, "Oh, yeah! The moon! Stars!!" He stopped to admire them, so we did, too.

John told me that this afternoon, when he was awake and wanted to go outside to play, he got ready and had his coat and shoes on well before John. So when John came outside, he found Jet by our little rainbow wind wheel. It has three wheels and a tail. Jet was able to stop two of the wheels with his hands. He then stuck his head against the third one and proudly told John, "Look! I stopped it!" He actually stood there for fifteen minutes, every time he took his head away and the wheel started to move he'd yell, "No! Stop!" and stuck his head against it again.

That was pretty funny.

Anyway... after voting, we went home and John hopped out to get the broken florescent light from where we'd taken it down the other day. We then went to Wal-Mart, where we gave Jet his favorite "Donald's chicken and fries" and he ate some fries with John while I looked for yarn for a blanket for Fei and Vivian's baby. I also needed needles to knit it with as Jet broke my bamboo needle while playing with it.

So I found what I wanted, and when I went back to the McDonald's in the Wal-Mart, they were just coming out. We all went to find Finding Nemo and Jet found the display, pulled off a box and peered at it. "Elmo?" It sounded so much like Dory I had to giggle.

Jet was great in line, and was very patient with the whole business of having to wait to buy the DVD. He even listened when we said that the candy there wasn't for him. Wow.

Then Jet and I sat in the back of the van and we went to Home Depot. John went in to get the light stuff he needed, and Jet and I sat in the back and made a picnic out of his McDonald's food. He wanted to sit in my seat, so I took him out and put him there, and he nibbled his food and drank some pop, but then he asked for his juice. I was pretty pleased that he wanted orange juice instead of pop.

John gave Jet some time to eat, and came out with new tubes for the light. They had a testing setup that made it easy to figure out what was wrong. So that's good. Another thing fixed. John fixed the light while Jet got to sit in my lap and watch the last third of Finding Nemo.

It was kind of sad, as Jet was crying a LOT with everything bad that happened to the fishes. When Marlin lands in the bottom of the whale, so depressed and exhausted, Jet tried to pick him up and cried the whole time. Even when things turned out okay. But when it was all over, Jet wanted more!


So I just turned it back to the whole turtle scene, after the jellyfish is over, and it's just turtles and baby turtles for a while, and he loved that whole scene. He also liked it when the pelican talked to Nemo about how cool his dad was. This time around it seemed to really confuse Jet that Nemo didn't have a mama, just a daddy. I guess when he saw it in the theater it hadn't made nearly the impression it's making now.

Jet kept asking for more, but instead of showing him the movie, we went for the bonus material. And the aquarium fascinated him. The Exploring the Reef segment made Jet laugh a lot, and the storytime tale got him to relax enough that the aquarium was soothing. He fell asleep within minutes of being put into nursing position. He didn't need any help getting to sleep. John went to sleep early, too.

So we've had a very adventurous evening, and I'm ready for sleep, too

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