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November 5, 1998
a year ago

Sleeping In

I, somewhat sadly, bagged my plans with Regis last night. I was exhausted, crunchy on the inside and still spiky in places I didn't want others to have to deal with. I nearly fell asleep while driving home. Not a good thing, particularly.

When I did get home, it just poured outside. I baked a bit of the chicken stew, adding puff pastry sheet on top of it to make a chicken pot pie of sorts until the puff pastry was brown and crisp. I played Bandicoot II terribly while it baked, petted Fezzik and hugged him for a while. We never managed a walk as the rain was just sluicing down. I barked with him when the thunder roared. He thought it was cool and barked with more enthusiasm. That was fun.

I was thinking about just going to sleep when I finished eating, but John called from the airport, saying that he would catch a ride with Bob to get home, so I stayed up to see him home. I re-read more Bujold as I waited. It occupied my mind and kept me awake in a good way. Fezzik came to get petted and I obliged happily. Then he turned two times on his blanket and went to sleep, snoring softly as I read.

John arrived home fairly soon after that. It was very, very good to have him back. We talked and caught up and then went to sleep. It was so comforting to have his presense again in my bed. He also brought chocolates. Yum. Turned out the company he was visiting had given *all* the visitors a box of chocolates, which was nice, but he thought to give 'em to me. Keeness.

I slept deeply and well.

We slept in very, very late. Just slept and cuddled and talked and two people called us in the morning after 9 a.m.. The first was a sales guy, which John hung up on pretty quick. The second was a friend and her kids and John had a giggling good time talking with them a lot. That was fun to watch and see and hear.

I called Fezzik upstairs after a while and he stuck his cold nose under the blankets and licked me. That was funny, and I scritched him lazily from the warmth of the bed. Our heating system is on a timer, so by the time we actually woke up, the heat was off for the weekday timing. So John and I ran into the shower, turned it up really hot and had fun in the shower. It's very, very good to have him back home.

Victor's on the way to work, and I was still out of it enough that I spilled half of my latte on myself on the way to work. Oops. Ow.

But work was far more populated today, and I got to talk with Bob for a bit and with everyone else about the results of the business trip, which was very good, on the whole.

I got into DDTS and worked with stuff and actually did some things while having a conversation on TooMUSH about spirituality and religion and stuff. That was really, really cool.

Drank good tea, forgot about lunch and breakfast, and so I'm kinda out of it. Food would be good, and John and I are going to go get allergy meds and then go see Regis and the happy cats.

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