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November 6, 1998
a year ago

Rest and Relief

John and I went to Regis' last night, which was very, very nice. I took one of my antihistimines, and John took one, too just before we got there. We found dinner food and stuff, and Regis had her DVD player and cool Jackie Chan stuff. So we just sat down and ate and watched.

John picked the middle chair, which seemed to be the one the cats were used to jumping on, including jumping on the person in the chair. So John got to deal with Nikita jumping on him occasionally. Which was kinda cool, all in all. I'm not used to pets that are acrobatic or can levitate. And with the medication, I could get close to them and not die from not being able to breath. Though, tickling at the back of my lungs and throat was the unconscious protest that I *should* be sneezing, should be coughing, and should be wheezing. But I never did, which was very nice.

Toshi's short ribs were as tasty as ever, and the movies were fun, and of a piece, in many ways, with much of Jackie's older works, when he was still known as Jacky. It was amusing to watch. I have to admit that I think I like his more modern works better than the historical myth stuff. But they were fun and interesting and many of them shared the same crew of people. that was interesting to see.

We got home around nine, then coordinated vacations home, in San Diego, with my parents and my sister. That got all done and then John coordinated with his brother in Albuquerque and then we talked with his mom about Thanksgiving and it's all done. We're outta here for several small vacations, that should all add up into *some* rest, somewhere other than here. The only thing I worry about is Fezzik. We'll see how that works out, too, though.

Our walk was on a completely clear night, and it was so cold outside our breath was thick and white on the cool, clear air. Fezzik was limping for most of the walk, but was eager anyway. That was kinda cool to see. Poor, old man. He's getting older and creaker as time goes on, but I can still see his eagerness and his playfulness and his desire to be around us.

So I hugged him a lot, and we went to a nice, deep sleep.

Today's flat again. Just waiting, inside myself, for tonight's discussion at the church. It'll be interesting. I'm glad of last night, though, to catch my breath, focus on what I am and think some things through. I think, perhaps, the most important thing is simply going to be to listen. Just listen.

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