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November 9, 1998


Woke up more rested, though still hungry for a bit more sleep to make up the debt. But we were going to see Jeanie at Victor's with our new mugs.

She just couldn't say anything for a few minutes after being presented with the mugs. Not one thing. Then she just crowed with delight. She loved them, and the other lady working there said that Jane and Victor were talking about stocking the mugs and selling them.

That was cool to find out. The mocha was warm and lovely and rich and it was comforting, physically, and helped me feel a lot better.

What helped, even more, was all the offers of help and simply holding that I was given by Eduardo, arcangel, Aron, and others in Fiat. As well as Trip and other folks on TooMush who simply cared. People are pretty cool, on the whole, I think. Perhaps some people more than others, but perhaps not. Anyway, it helps. A lot.

I'm really looking forward to the Con and to San Diego and Albuquerque. We're doing three other cities in less than four weeks, and it'll be good for us to get away, completely and take some time for ourselves.

Work is actually just fine. We're having fun, doing new stuff, having a good time looking into what's next. Coffee helped, and drinks helped, and new plans for new things to do helped. We're getting somewhere and it's a good somewhere.

So, it definitely looks like the rest of life is going to go just fine and time and doing other things is definitely helping to heal.

So, I slowly bury myself in code again, in thought and stories and imagination and science fiction, in characters and loves and thought and hugs. Carl and I got to talk for a while, which was sweet and funny and interesting. Mark and I talked for a long while as well, he's showing up just about everyday, now, and we just sit around in the same MUSH room, usually without much talking, but occasionally things come up and it's nice to not have to talk and not have to interact but have the opportunity to do so.

The evening was pretty quiet. We went home and had leftovers from the last several weeks, and just watched Monday Night Football and played Bandicoot II. Both Carl and Mark as well as Gretchen and Marith are all advocating Parasite Eve, so I guess I'll put that on my Christmas list and see how that works out. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Fezzik was warm and cuddly and fluffy. That was funny. We took him out for his walk and it was amazing to see how silky he is, now, no clumps, no ragged lumpiness anywhere. He seems much more comfortable as well, so that's really good. The shampoo we used this time seems to have worked really well. The last stuff we used had Fezzik smelling like his old self in less than a week.

Set up all the dates for his boarding with the vet. He'll have fun there, and they find him patient enough for front desk duty.

Time heals all wounds. It seems that it is true. Time and doing other stuff. It healed me from the breakup with Mark, which nearly killed me, this is so much smaller than that. Both John and I are getting there, and it's definitely getting better.

Fezzik's walk was fun. Simple, clean effort, and I rode the exercise bike for a good fifteen minutes. I need to do that more often, as well as doing the arm exercises and build up my arm muscles a bit. The stronger my arms are the less problems I have with my wrists. So the more weight I can lift on something other than my fingers, the better off I'll be in the long run. So, I have something specific to work on for that.

It's nice to live again.

We went to bed around 11 and slept well and peacefully. That was really good.

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