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November 10, 1998
a year ago


It's just gorgeous out today. Brilliant and cool and lovely.

A really great day to look ahead in. I've been making lists of all the things that I need to bring to OryCon. The books I have to return to James Walden, the people I get to meet, the stuff I have to bring to wear, the teas I want to bring to share. The memberships showed up on the OryCon 20 homepage so I know that we made it in. They were warning folks about the possibility of running out of memberships. I'm glad we got in under that deadline.

It's going to be so cool. Fezzik is all set up at the boarding places and he'll have plenty of time at home between visits there, it's good to know that he's not going to be there for weeks at a time, which has always managed to depress him a lot. Sometimes I wish I could tell him, or get across to him that it's going to be short, but maybe just having the stays be short will be enough. It's not like they abuse him or anything, he gets the best places and the best treatment they have to give, but it's still not home, you know?

Anyway. He's gonna do okay I think, on these short stay schedules.

Work is cool. Figured out a problem I hadn't been able to figure out before. That was very keen.

But my brain is mostly mush, still. It's helping, all the people and all the words and all the care and all the love and it's helping a lot.

In the evening, when John and I got home, there was a box waiting for us on the doorstep, and it was a fairly large box. It had the Upton logo on it and it was, indeed, filled with my order from them. The teas were as wonderful as when I sampled them nearly a year ago, and the tea pot... yow. I was so glad that I'd finally ordered a Chatsford teapot and now possessed one.

It's a tiny, lovely thing, the 2-cup pots being, in tea parlance, only 12 ounce pots. When you order a so-and-so many cup pot, it's not actually cups of liquid, it's teacups of liquid, where a tea cup only holds about six ounces, not the full eight of a measuring cup. It has, however, a lovely, huge, plastic strainer basket that's about two if not three times the volume of my Republic of Teas' teapot's strainer basket and it has a micropore mesh that is far finer than the metal mesh of the RoT pot's strainer. It was such a large difference in leaf unfolding volume, it impressed me. This for the same price as the other pot.

The coolest thing is that the pot is brown. Just this mottled brown that no tea is ever, in its entire life, ever going to stain. Utterly utilitarian and utterly lovely and mottled and semi-random. I really, really like it, and it somehow managed to keep the tea in itself warm when the tea that I'd poured into a mug was cold. I'm still not exactly sure how it did that as I'm used to the pot at work being entirely cold by the time the tea in my cup is cold. So it's a good thing to know.

I had fun making tea in it and getting completely wired off the golden Yunnan Singer gave me from Imperial Tea Court. It's a lovely, rich, golden tea that tastes of sunshine and how you'd think the deep gold of an autumn leaf might taste. Ripe and rich with flavor. Yum. But on discovering that it gave me a buzz, I swapped to straight chrysanthemum blossoms.

What an odd thing to be able to say.

Realized that I have more teas than I even know how I'm going to drink for the rest of my life. I have about as many teas as I've *heard* about, most of which are ones that I've sampled and loved, but it's still quite a lot of tea, white, green, black, oolong, and even blends and herbal tinsanes and infusions. It was pretty amazing to just rummage through and try and put old teas that were stuck in poor plastic bags into the new tins that I'd bought. I need more tins, what an awful thing to know, that I got half a dozen tins and still need a few more. Which means that I have quite a lot of tea being mistreated. Meep.

I sorted, put away, stacked, and eyeballed the darned collection. I have a lot of tea. I'm going to have to drink more of it or feed more of it to people I love.

Anyway. I also made crab cakes for dinner, added a crust of fresh bread crumbs to the outside, which made them very crisp. Yum. I enjoyed that a lot. We had cole slaw from the grocery store as well, so it was a quick to make dinner that turned out very yummy. I'm going to have to feed my cultures before we leave.

Sleep was hard because of the tea buzz, but when it hit, I went pretty deep. Problem was that I woke in the middle of the night with an aching jaw and my right bottom crown warming up and aching again. I guess I'm still stressing over something and grinding my teeth by it.

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