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November 15, 1998
a year ago

Driving Home with Jason

Sunday started with a neat little plan. Carl would go with John and I to Powells, Jason would go to Powells on the train, then Carl and Jason would go back to the Con with John and I. It worked out pretty well. Other than for the fact that Portland is a city made for its trains and doesn't allow traffic to turn at all on some of its major streets. We went a good ten blocks before we could get *back* to Powells from the other direction.

I, with the kindly help of Jason and Carl, and an unexpected meeting with a number of Tanith Lee short stories that had only been printed in the U.K. came out with a bagful of used paperbacks which, once again, totalled well over a hundred dollars. Yow.

The Con was winding down, gradually, easily, you could feel it in all the booths, all the vendors, all the people. The dog day, the last day, the day of good byes. The lobby of the Con hotel was completely insane with bustle and people checking out, flung with brilliant clothing and the like. There wasn't that much left to see. One, a quick, brief and thorough lecture on the pathologies of disease through history was sharp, clear, distinct, useful and filled with information, detail as to vectors and ways diseases had run rampant in human society. It made a cool impression upon me. I'm going to have to use those ideas some day.

Eventually we left. Jason was going to meet up with Bruce at the Con and we did. Turned out, though that he could get more hours at the Con if he caught a ride back to Seattle with us. So we said sure, if you don't mind an overly loud Overdrive. He didn't mind. He was a more excellent passanger, paying for our gas, and making himself very useful in providing fun and interesting conversation the whole way up. Kept John awake and me pretty happy and we dropped him off at a MUSHer's house in Woodinville and then we went home in the rain to an empty house. The boarding place wasn't open on Sundays.

So I puttered about, put things away, made meatloaf with all the attendent, normal, everyday food things, and we had a quiet dinner. That was really solid, really good. The sound of the rain was rooting me back into my home feelings. Turned out that while we had had brief breaks of sunshine in Portland, it had just been pouring all over Seattle and still was, many of the rivers were at flood watch stages. It was good to be home and safe and dry.

It was a really, really fun Con, and I think that I will definitely go again, next year. I enjoyed it greatly and John had a lot of fun, too, exposed to that part of my life and he's picked up and started reading all the Bujold books, one by one. That's very cool indeed.

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