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November 19, 1998

Off to San Diego

John did come and get me last night, that was cool. He'd gone on an errand when I'd called home, and it turned out that he was going to come and get me after he was done with the other. So that was good. He showed up around 6:30, and we went to the grocery store to think about dinner. Turned out, as we got there, we figured out that neither of us really wanted to cook, so we decided that we were going to order pizza.

John bought a bottle of wine, I bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's, shows you were our priorities are, I guess. Then we went to Zuka Juice and I got myself a Peanut Buster with wild oat bran and lecithin. There are a lot of interesting add-ins to the stuff. The base drink was yummy, though, and the bran filled me up pretty well, so I didn't actually eat all that much pizza, though it was good. Double pepperoni from Tony Maroni! That was keen and simple and neat.

While eating, we watched the tape of Buffy from Tuesday. I almost didn't want to watch the episode as I just had no heart left for Angel dying again, and nearly all the previews were pointing to that very event. So I braved it anyway. It was good, though the preview for next week's episode, which shows Spike returning looks like fun.

Spent a good portion of the evening playing Bandicoot II, then packing, then wading through the mountain of laundry and making some sense of it. Watered the plants, petted Fezzik a lot, and then we took him on his walk. The sky was utterly clear to the east, and the cloud cover was coming in gradually from the west. While we walked, we saw two streaks of light that might have been random meteors, spread in time, the real shower wasn't supposed to begin until 3 a.m.. So it might have been a trick of the eye or light, but I think a few could be seen outside of that main band.

By the time we got back, the sky had completely clouded over, and today it is, as Mike Wasson coined it, "the color of concrete." Pale and grey and smooth, with faint veins of darkness.

So, instead of watching meteors from the hot tub, we just went to sleep, which was very nice.

Today started a bit late, we'd already applied for vacation for today off, but I guess I think of it as making up for the half days I took off, in some ways. But we stopped by Victor's, heard some cool 87-year-old grandmother talking about what it was like in her days on KISW, as they were talking about generational differences and how things change. That was fun and she was very sweet with the usually raucaous morning DJ's.

Work was pretty quiet. I have a few things I can do. The rest of the Con report is going to have to wait until I get back, I think. Though I'll keep writing up the vacations as I'm on them. The handwriting thing is very fun, and it does turn out that dictating them in, afterwards, is fairly quick and painless. The reading voice is very, very, very much more accurate than my composing voice, so it's far less frustrating to do.

Ray gave John more of a hard time about the Landies, that was fun to listen to. So we'll leave in the afternoon, John's parents are going to pick us up to drop us off down at SeaTac and Kathy's gonna pick us up. Turns out that my parents might be mildly sick with a cold, and are still going to try and make it to things anyway. Kathy's already lined up tickets to the El Capitan opening of A Bug's Life and we're already set to go to at least half a dozen restaurants and have live crab with the folks. So this is going to be an interesting trip.

Yehaw! Likely going to get Tommy's burgers at midnight on Saturday! Maybe El Indio's or In and Out Burger tonight. The Southern California pilgrimages will be begun! Ha ha...

John's Mom and Dad picked us up at home, after we'd packed the last of the stuff, eaten lunch and then eaten the Chunky Monkey as John said that we had to in case it went back while we were away. Dropping Fezzik off was easy, as was getting to the airport, though it was raining pretty hard the whole way. Carpooling is good.

The flight itself was unremarkable. I love Alaska Airlines for three reasons. Their Web specials, which are good and cheap and ticketless (I hate having a piece of paper that I can lose be my ticket onto my plane), their service, and amusingly enough, most of all, their electric kiosks scattered through various airports, especially SeaTac, which is their base of operations. As we found a kiosk John was laughing at me as we checked in electronically, noting that it was the perfect introvert setup, I didn't have to interact with a human being except for the absolute minimum of having someone check my picture ID to be sure I was who my ticket said I'd be. That's it.

He's right, too, which is amusing.

So we flew in, Kathy was at the gate to greet us, and whisked us to her car, and we then immediately went to El Indio's where we ate way too much to go to the dessert place Kathy wanted us to go to. So, instead, we went to her place, where we watched many episodes of Pokemon, a dubbed version of a Japanese anime serial. Much fun insued, as Kathy also showed me her GameBoy with Pokemon game and we watched more episodes as John fell asleep on the futon.

It was very, very cool to get to talk with Kathy for a long time. It's been a while, and it's good just to talk.

After about 2 a.m. we finally roused John enough to get him to brush his teeth, help me set up the futon and we both went into a somewhat fitful sleep. The noise of the traffic outside, the noise of the refridgerator, the hardness of the futon, all contributed to vivid dreams and much waking up. Not a terrible thing for a single night, and it was good to have had the fun and well worth it.

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