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November 20, 1998
a year ago


We woke up fairly late, and I had dreams of being a bartender at night and a Pokeman raiser and trainer and capturer during the day. Yeesh. Talk about suggestable dreams.

I showered while Kathy was beating on her Mac to get it to even be alive while John was laughing. That was kinda fun to listen to. Packed up most everything and lugged it out to Kathy's car, and off we went on an adventure sort of day, as she was supposed to entertain us for the day, as Mom didn't have the energy, yet, to deal with us and Dad was at work.

First was breakfast at Hershel's which was where the people from Samson's had gone when they were bought out by bigger money, a number of Kathy's friends had notices that the quality of the food has lessened, so had hunted down the old owners in a smaller place with less expensive rent. They had the enourmous menu, the great food, and the interesting combinations. I had the plate that featured a potato pancake with sour cream and apple sauce, a stuffed cabbage roll with sweet and sour sauce and a potato and onion dumpling thing with mushroom gravy. Yow. All really hot and fresh and lovely and entirely fattening and delicious.

John had an omelet, and Kathy had a sandwich, and they were all good.

We then drove off into the wild blue yonder and visited the Mile of Cars as John and I just wanted to look at used cars of various sorts to get a feeling for what we might want. We were completely awful to the salespeople, mostly just shoo'ing them off and telling them that we weren't there to buy, just to look.

Dozens of hot cars in the sun later and we were pretty sure that we wanted something like a VW Jetta, a couple of years old. Big enough to fit us both comfortably, nice engine, room for Fezzik if we had to cart him for a short distance, plenty of trunk space for full road tripping ability, and not so much money we'd choke. All the new features, all the neat new gadgets and some proven performance and lasting ability.

Though, I'll readily admit that the three gleaming M Roadsters in the BMW parking lot were utterly beguiling.

Eventually we left and drove to La Jolla, to buy John a pair of Birkenstocks on the main drag through town, as they had a Birkie store. His old ones were falling apart, sole flapping loose, footbed worn to the cork, cork even crumbling apart in spots and straps worn shiny with use. Old shoes, worn shoes, and pretty broken. The first thing the saleslady said was, "About time to retire that pair, huh?"

So he got a very nice new pair and walked away in them, tossing the old ones in the nearest garbage can. I dropped into Warwick's with Kathy and bought a couple of rolling Gel writers with metallic ink. Fun.

We then decided to go to my parents' house because we were having a Potty Emergency! Instead of wandering to the beach and stuff, we just collapsed at my parents' house and unpacked a little, just enough to set up the PlayStation and start playing Bandicoot II and getting Kathy to giggle a lot.

Dad arrived soon after, from work and the 99 Market, as he'd gotten a number of live Dunginess crabs, which he scrubbed in the sink and the popped into a steamer before joining Kathy and John and watching the play. Kathy tried a bit, then Dad did and then they both watched John and wouldn't play much more. Kathy also had the excuse of her hands, which weren't doing all that well, so she couldn't play all that much. The crabs steamed.

I love eating crab at home. It's one of those things I don't do a lot of, and Mom always makes a great mei fun that is very tasty to have after we've all eaten as much crab as we can. Dad always pulls 'em out of the steamer and cracks them while Mom finished up the fun, and we sit and pick and eat and talk and enjoy the company and the food. It was really keen.

Afterwards, we sat around, watched some TV, watched some tape, played a bit more, and then Kathy and John and I went downtown to a lovely little dessert shop between Hilltop and downtown that Kathy knew. They had a tea list along with various coffees and desserts, but it was late enough that I didn't want to drink anything that would keep me awake. So I settled on hot chocolate and a Torta Misu, which was a tiramisu-like substance, but with more whipped cream than mascarpone and little that was actually alchoholic. Very yummy and light. Went well with the chocolate. Yum.

It also served the purpose of keeping us up later than usual, phase shifting us a bit for the late night tomorrow. Which was pretty good, except for one thing. We forgot nearly all our bathroom stuff at Kathy's. So John and I borrowed my parents' car and went to Kathy's condo and got our stuff and then went back to my parents' house and finally to bed. Oof.

Deep and dreamless sleep.

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