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November 5, 1999
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Another gorgeous day. Sunshine, but cold when I got up in the dark again. The alarm went off at 6 a.m. and I decided I wanted another hour's sleep, so set it for 7; but John got up as he couldn't get back to sleep and then Fezzik got up because John was up and started haring about the yard barking his fool head off.

So much for that idea.

John stayed home again, I went in and had fun in the engineering meeting and then pounded away at putting all my notes into the computer. Problem is that my wrists aren't doing all that well. I did ride the exercise bike on Tuesday, but with all the catching up I'm doing here and the notes from all the visits, coding is almost a relief. At least I spent a lot of time staring at the code and swearing at it to make it work before I actually type.

It also turned out that Xilinx got on the S&P 500, so the stock has started to steadily shoot up and volumes are now in the 21 million share range rather than the old average of about 3 million. It's now in demand and it's amazing the different just being on the index has made.

I went to Safeway for lunch, to get my prescription for vitamins fulfilled and then wandered about the grocery store trying to find something interesting to eat. It was hard, but I finally settled on a salad, fried chicken, and a pear. Fruit is good. I'd forgotten what it's like to eat it regularly. The vitamins that the doc prescription gave me are really good and I've noticed that when I forget to take them I'm more inclined towards colds than if I remember. So it was very good to get more.

I managed to build everything with all the other changes, and now am coding just a bit in the last few hours of the week. It's astonishing to me how little I really get done of coding at work... I should probably bring my machine home again and stay home on Monday when I get back from Seattle, or something.

John's packing stuff. There's Iron Chef to watch and Seattle to run around in the rain tomorrow. That will be nice. To have rain again. We're going to be at the Third Floor Fish Cafe trying out the local fishes. Yum. Seafood. Real seafood. And two lunches and one breakfast to play with while we're there. This is going to be really good. And one ceramics show that was the start of the surprise visit.

Carol sent us a notice of her ceramics sale, with a 'Wish you could be here!' and that she understood that we couldn't and that she was really disappointed. So with that excuse, we're off.

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