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November 22, 1999
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There's already 10 inches of snow on the ground and last night's forecast said that there would be 6-10 inches and that the worst of the storm would actually be tonight. I wonder, just a bit how high the snow is going to build. It's the light, fluffy, flaky stuff that can be shoveled without too much pain. The stuff isn't all that heavy, yet.

One of the two bird feeders has a conical cap nearly 8 inches high and the little birds are all tussling with each other to get at the ports to the feed. They're the only specks of motion and color against the dead white of the rest of the world. I'm rather glad that the feeders were filled yesterday. It's so odd to remember that just yesterday it was sunny and warm enough that I was running around in shorts. Today I'm all bundled up in my sweats and the heat's on. John was really good and just held the heat this morning before he left for work.

Fezzik is just sacked out on the livingroom floor. He did get up and go out yesterday, so I know that his legs are working, he just doesn't want to move or go anywhere, which is good by me. I'm kinda glad to be working at home today so that he doesn't have to be out in it and doesn't have to be shut in the house where he might do something he didn't want to do. I have the study room door open so I can hear him if he needs anything.

So I code while the outside world is completely white, shining and fogged. The light's all diffused everywhere in the air, as there's enough fog and cold that there's water vapor everywhere. The tiny snowflakes are still falling, drifting past the black branches of the leafless trees. The windstorm a few days back denuded everything. It's really keen having the windows that I have and the whole room is filled with light eventhough there isn't any sun to be seen. The sunlight still comes through and makes the white of the snow nearly too white to really look at, not sparkling or reflecting as glare, it's just that all the light eventually ends up bouncing off everything in the air and then the ground and it all reaches in.

I worked feverishly all morning, and when I looked up again, it was lunch time and I'd gotten all the changes I thought I needed in and the first try at running it got it to run, and then the second try crashed like a mighty oak. I had no idea why, so I just stopped for lunch and sustenance and called John to tell him that I'd gotten somewhere. Yay! I'd actually gotten sources to show up! This is a good thing, one small bug, somewhere...

I went downstairs and Fezzik just kinda looked at me from where he'd been lying all morning. I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and used a bit of it to lure him to his feet. Once he had gained his feet, he decided to head outside, after a drink, and he went out onto the kitchen porch and just went crunch into the snow. It's about a foot thick, at lunch time... and fluffy white. I used the shovel to clear the same patches that John had cleared earlier, and so Fezzik wouldn't slip in the snow. But Fezzik really didn't look like he wanted to move from his little snow bank. I eventually lured him back inside with a jerky treat, but instead of lying down again, he moved to the front door. So I let him out that way. He lay outside for a good long while after I'd gone back to work, until I heard a bang on the front door and he was looking to get let back in.

I spent much of the afternoon chasing a ghost pointer. Yeesh. Finally stopped and implemented a whole feature in about an hour. It's so weird to know that this thing I did in the afternoon is just as many lines on the manifest as the thing I'm spending weeks and weeks on. It works beautifully. My other thing still crashes. But John should be home soon and he'll help me look at the hard thing. I might be able to implement the other feature tomorrow, at work, after the morning meeting. That should be very useful.

I'll have about two dozen files to check in tomorrow, hopefully I won't break anyone.

We'll see...

The afternoon warmed things up a bit, and the snow at the bottom layers was melting just a bit. Bigger birds have come out, now and are fighting the little birds for the feeders. Black birds with rims of white, little birds with breasts as red as fresh spilled blood, brilliant magpies of blue and black and white that tip the whole feeder when they rest on it. Bigger brown birds that I don't know the names of and am now curious to discover. There are so many of them on the feeders and trees it's amazing me. But it's good to know that they're finding a place to eat while the ground is covered in white. All that energy being burned up. The feed is nearly gone and John just filled them yesterday.

John got home in plenty of time to get me to my massage appointment, thought I'd do it before Mom and Dad get here tomorrow. I was so sore the day after, last week, I thought it might be good to plan on being sore for a day and not let it bother me too much while I was on vacation for the weekend. The snow made the world eerily ghost-like and when the full moon actually broke out, it was like a ghost version of the real world, between the moonlight and the snow there was so much light all the details stood out; but it was still dark out. That was so strange.

The dirt road was squishy and John took it pretty carefully, and we got there with plenty of time and no sliding about, which was all good. CeLena was there and all set up and I settled in for my massage. She says that I'm doing better, but I feel just as tight and stressed. There were a few muscles that gave up the fight a bit more easily, which was good, but the right side and the spine and lower back were still a mess. She did work on my right shoulder, back and arm a lot, which felt really good when she was done, and I was kinda floaty when John came to pick me up with the pizza he also got.

Turned out that the pizza place accidentally made two pepperoni and onion pizzas, so they just gave John both of them. I guess that's lunch for this week. The truck was redolent with the scent, and I was just kinda floaty all the way through dinner. By the time I went to bed, however, some of the really sore muscles were starting to protest the fact that they had been made to give up their soreness. By the time I tried to go to sleep, nearly all my muscles were pretty unhappy. Add to that the fact that John started snoring again, and I didn't get too much sleep. If I get through tomorrow, though, I think that I'll sleep better once the muscle poisons wash through. All those fatigue acids were just getting released into the rest of my body and they're probably what's making everything hurt.

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