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November 28, 1999
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Thanksgiving Weekend

So the vacation was good.

It was good to be thankful for some time together, for safety and where and how well we are all doing. It was good to be thankful for comfort and for rest and the ability to relax and not worry. Thankful for a freedom from so many ills and worries and possible problems. Fezzik was happy and hale and cheerfully spoiled rotten by everyone and he enjoyed the time with everyone.

Most of Thursday was cooking the Feast and then devouring some portion thereof with Jerry, a friend from work who was going to bach the event until we invited him. There was plenty of everything and more than plenty of turkey. Mom resorted to my 5 gallon stock pot for the turkey carcass to make soup from it.

Friday was sleeping in a bit and then shopping, down at the Cherry Creek shopping mall. It's a new mall that's very classy and was, surprisingly, not too crowded. Other friends from other portions of the city said that they found the really crowded bits. Mom had a Mission, as in San Diego there are no long wool coats, so she had to find one while she was here. She still needed one for the colder nights in San Diego and between the post-Thanksgiving sale and a coupon she found she got a very, very nice deal on a very, very nice coat. That was quite a triumph. Lunch was dim sum at the Empress and Dad was really cool and bought a bunch of the cha shar bow for us to take home, plenty for lunches next week, too.

We did some grocery shopping at Safeway to finish the soup and then it was, glory of glories, nap time. Yay! Nap time! That felt very good indeed. Dinner was the turkey soup Mom made from the bones, and the bow that Dad got. Yum. Comforting, even.

Saturday was a morning adventure in Boulder, just wandering about the Pearl Street Mall in the early hours, before there were too many people. The Peppercorn was a treasure, as always, and I managed some Scharffen-Berger chocolate and cocoa as well as some cheese cloth for figuring out how to make my own bow. After a long discussion with Mom and Dad it turns out that old-fashion bow were made with sourdough with some baking soda solution mixed in until it counteracted the sourness and not so much that it turned the whole thing yellow. So there is leavening, even in the old-fashioned doughs that isn't just the yeast. This will make for some interesting and cool experiments.

Lunch was about time to get them to the airport, and we got them there in plenty of time and dropped them off with time to spare. We then went directly to go see Princess Mononoke. Go see it. It's gorgeous, plotful, and really, really good. I love the Japanese ability to make plots that are complex, filled with human motivations with the side-taking, rage, and both emotion and thinking that are possible for human beings to do. I loved how it worked out and how complex and balanced it was. Go see it if you haven't already. I do admit that I think that the translation lacked.... something. I'm not sure what or how it could have been rectified. I think that there was some background, cultural information that was likely missing for several nuances in the film; but I have no constructive criticism that would have served to supply those things.

We got home around 8, ate leftovers and fell into bed.

The next morning we went over to Ray's to share in mutual abilities. Ray can make sausage gravy. I can now make biscuits. So I mixed up all the dry stuff at home, brought my pan and cutter and buttermilk and when we got there, I mixed and cut my biscuits and put them in the oven while Ray mixed up his gravy. He can't make biscuits, I don't know how to do gravy, so we both taught each other, some. The combination was really, really good. We had much fun just eating and talking and playing with Alex. I spent a good fifteen minutes doing nothing but rolling about marbles on the kitchen floor. Now *that* is what a vacation is *for*.

For the rest of Sunday I mostly vegitated. John worked for most of the day, getting things set up before the tsunami hit of Monday, which was likely wise. Instead, I just watched TV, football, cooking, and stuff and did a little cooking for lunch and around 4 or so went up the computer to dictate the last few days. Dinner was leftovers again and it felt like just simple recovery time. That was good. Quiet time is always good and it was really, really nice to have an entire four days of it.

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