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November 24, 1999
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Breathing Space

Work was very good. Our engineering meeting in the morning had some very good news indeed. Our timeline had been extended by about a month, because our software had impressed the FAEs enough to rid us of an extra trial period. This was very good news, and took a huge burden off my shoulders, because I would have least two weeks to get the giant feature in. It was very odd to realize that this one fact enabled me to breathe deeply, and every muscle in my body that I had been clenching for the last two weeks was finally able to let go. I hadn't really realized that I had been doing that, until I could actually stop.

So I stopped.

I had smoke tests to get through later today, but the boss' boss told everyone to go home and enjoy Thanksgiving, with the extra time. There's a whole lot more work to be done afterwards, but it looks like we actually have the breathing space to enjoy our time off.

I am so glad.

So we went to Whole Foods around 3:30 and it was a complete mad house. Cars trying to get into the overfilled parking lot, people rubbing elbows along nearly every aisle, and all the cash registers with lines into the aisles. Eek. Luckily, I had two things to get, and that was it. The Turkey that we'd ordered weeks back and some ground espresso for the espresso maker at home. Simple things. So John dropped me off and I strode on back to the meat section and they found my name really quickly, and I soon had a huge box in my arms and John found me staring at the registers in dismay, having completely forgotten the coffee. We went back to get the coffee, and managed to hit the express line at the right moment.

We made it. Whew. Safety.

Home again, home again... and no plans for dinner. John said that I'd be cooking all of tomorrow, anyways, so we should go out, and so we got home, got my parents and we went to Louiseville and the Blue Parrot and had dinner there. Old-fashioned, simple Italian food with handmade spaghetti and good solid ravioli and yummy sauces. Solid, filling and simple. That was good. We just went home and ate fruit for dessert and just talked. Lots to catch up on and now was the time. I guess that's what holidays really are for.

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