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October 10, 2000
two years ago

Homewood Away From Home

I guess I should consider it training for when the baby actually comes. I realized, perhaps, more of why Fezzik likes to sleep outside. He has a really hard time waking us up at night, when we're in the house. Here in the hotel room, it's a little easier on him, as I have to get up in the middle of the night anyway, given my pregnant woman's bladder. So whenever I get up to go, I take him outside to relieve himself as well. I think that it's a relatively new problem, what with this last wave of chemo, but I don't really know as he hasn't slept inside for a very long time. But he seemed very much more relieved when I actually got up and did that.

So I guess I can regard it as training for the times when I'll have to get up at all hours during the night after the baby birth. It isn't really all that hard, all in all. Not a whole lot more to do, and Fezzik is very grateful and he settles quietly back to sleep afterwards very quickly. I am really going to have to go to sleep earlier, though, if this is going to be the norm for this week.

An adventure. Staying in a hotel, living really closely with the dog and John, and actually sleeping okay at night, that's pretty cool.

Breakfast was good. John, since he didn't get up in the middle of the night, did the early morning duties of feeding Fezzik and taking care of what Fezzik needed to do after eating. So I thought it utterly a fair trade, as I got to cuddle in my warm blankets a little while longer. I just hope it doesn't get significantly colder for the next few days, as going out in the middle of the night can get pretty chilly.

Xilinx and Altera both got punched by a couple of analysts today. Down nearly 30 percent for nothing other than the opinion that the silicon was going to be going through a silicon cyclic thing again and citing the fact that we're actually selling in Europe for the first time in years and years as a problem. Whee... time to buy, I think.

Really, truly makes me wonder if those analysts are going to make a killing in the next week by buying us in bulk while they've driven the price down. Doesn't it seem a conflict of interest that they can buy it after they've been the reason the price gets knocked? Especially since the only news anyone had heard publicly from most of the general silicon companies has been that supply is tight and looking to stay that way for the next year or so. The microprocessors are looking soft, but the general chip companies no longer depend nearly so much on the PC market. It's nearly as weird as if one looks at the numbers being quoted by the downgrades and when you really look at 'em, the analysts are actually predicting 50-60% growth in the next year, which is only 10% down from what they were originally saying and compared to the rest of the market it's astonishingly positive. But the market reacted with a 20%+ panic reaction, which is just bizarre. Then again, people are bizarre sometimes, especially in mass reaction patterns.

Anyway. It'll be interesting to see the results for the quarter next week and see what happens from that.

Had a meeting at nine soon after, and it was pretty grumpy making for me, on the most part. I hate bugs. I hate failing, but I also hate having customers see the failures before internal people do. So it's the necessary evil. I still don't have to like it.

I finally, finally, finally got around to scheduling an appointment with the massage lady that specializes in pre-natal care. I called her, left a message, she called back and said that she had something open at 10:30 Thursday and that she'd call tomorrow to remind me as that was simply her habit with all the pregnant and post-partum women she works with there simply are a lot of folks that just forget. I called her back, sheepishly, half an hour later, speaking of forgetful pregnant ladies... I'd forgotten that I had an all-day class on Thursday, so we rescheduled for next Thursday, thank goodness.

Muscles are starting to knot again. With the work stress plus all the other stresses plus the weight gain plus all the other things, and my usual bad habit of working and not paying attention to anything for hours at a stretch I can feel things just gradually tensioning back into the awful shape they were in before CeLena started working a lot of it out. Lower back and sitting butt-muscles are now the worst. I even took twenty minutes today to just walk on the treadmill in order to just not feel so completely trashed. I so needed that, but even with it I was still hurting.

The day was just grumpy making, on the most part, between all the high tech stock munching and everything else. The bugs were being really nasty. Plus there was no way in heck I was going to be able to play Final Fantasy VII for another week and I was getting mild withdrawal. I did manage to eat all my left over chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans, which helped a little; but by evening I was one grumpy, angry, and tired person. Stomped to the car with John, who wasn't having a great day either, and the two of us were mildly grumpy all the way to Fezzik. Fezzik was his usual self, happy to see us and very happy to leave the yard with us. He basically led the way all the way over to the truck and then wandered about a bit, just looking at all the neighbors' yards and stuff on the way over to the truck.

There's a Safeway right next to the Homewood, so we stopped there and bought Pepperidge Farms' garlic bread as I'd seen James eat the stuff and it had seemed pretty yummy and not too big for the two of us for just one evening, versus buying one of the giant Safeway loaves. Sadly, Safeways here don't seem to have salad bars the way they did in Seattle, so we weren't able to just grab a good salad bar salad and had to settle for coleslaw. We also got a couple of kiwi for me to eat during the day as snacks and some vanilla ice cream to put on warm apple pie for dessert. It really felt like a comfort food kind of day for us, as we were both mildly grouchy.

It's amazing what hot, good food can do. The leftover lasagna was just marvelous nuked thoroughly until the center was hot. We had to be inventive with the bread as we suddenly realized that we didn't have anything even close to an oven, not even a toaster oven. So we stuck the bread in a pan on the stove and put a cover over it and put it over low heat on each of its sides. Eventually, I split it open, using the knife to cut through the still hard butter and then placed them butter side down on the hot surface of the pan, effectively browning the butter and garlic really well. The entire place smelled of garlic bread after that. Not a terrible thing. It was really good, crusty and crunchy on the outside, tender and flavorful on the inside and went excellently with the lasagna. Fezzik watched me eat every bite of my bread, well, every one but the last one, as he got that one.

The slaw was cool and sweet and crunchy and did well with everything else. By the time I was done, I was much, much happier.

TV also had the Seattle vrs the New York Yankees game, so we settled on the couch and watched it happily. It was a really good game, not a blow out on either side and really went down to the last pitch in terms of suspense. I enjoyed it greatly. Fezzik got walks before we started watching, and then again at the seventh inning stretch and we even walked by the condos that were being built the last time we stayed here, early last year. When the game finished, I went to sleep. John stayed up reading and went walking with Fezzik one last time before coming to sleep.

I woke up at midnight and at 3 a.m. and the second time I almost didn't have the heart to wake Fezzik up as he was deeply and thoroughly asleep. But he heard me putting away my coat and lifted his head. It took him a minute to find his rear legs, though, and when he did he stumbled out, half-asleep, and followed me doggedly outside, where he immediately peed and then wandered around very little before heading back to the room. John started snoring pretty loudly after I went back to bed, and thinking that I now had some margin, given that it would only be another three or four hours until morning, I put my ear plugs in. At 5:30 Fezzik managed to wake John up and the two of them went out into the cool morning air, while I tried to sleep a little while longer. This has got to be good training for when the baby comes.

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