Liralen's Adventure Through Life
October 2000
  1: Pond Seal and Pre-Birthday Dinner
  2: Good Wishes
  3: Scallion Pancakes and Vivid Dreams
  5: Finding Good Things
  6: Doing Better
  7: Roasting Coffee, Apple Pie, and Macaroni Grill
  8: Bumping Out of Ruts
  9: Running Around
10: Homewood Away From Home
11: Cheeseburgers in Paradise
12: Class
13: Packing Time
14: Getting Back Together
15: Cleaning Up the Aftermath
16: Back to Work And Home
17: Roast Chicken
18: Familiar Ground
19: Yay! Massage!
20: Working At Home
21: Longer Saturday
22: All-Butter Croissants
23: Hard Day
24: Some Recovery
25: Small Triumphs
26: Being Read
27: Vet Check and Potstickers
28: Corn Maze Fun
29: Shopping And a Boulder Dinner
30: Work Party
31: A Quiet Halloween

Fall comes and goes nearly directly into winter. Fezzik gradually loses more capabilities, but he seems to be coping just fine. He's still happy but his rear legs gradually gets worse and worse. My birthday is quiet and and delicious and I get many good wishes.

Fall brings the cold weather cooking that I can finally enjoy again, and so I do a bunch of it. It's nice to be able to eat something that isn't just grilled and very nice to not be afraid of using the oven or stove simply 'cause it's too hot in the house anymore.

I get vivid dreams, more baby bumping, and Carl comes to visit near the end of the month and we enjoyed having him a very great deal. I got to listen to the sound of the wind through a dead and dried corn field and that was very nice indeed so close to Halloween. It seems that the traditional Coloradian Halloween involves rain, snow and very few trick or treaters, and it was exactly what we had.

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