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October 11, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Cheese Burgers in Paradise

Exhausting but fairly satisfying day. Fezzik woke both of us up at 5:30 and John was a sweety and took him out while I slept just a little more. The two of us then had our breakfasts and then ran Fezzik out to the yard. Debbie showed up just as we were leaving, and she had Boris and Forden with her! Yay! We went through the house to get to the backyard. Fezzik was lying with his back to the sliding door, watching the yard, when we all appeared and surprised him a little with the two white dogs rampaging about in the yard.

Fezzik looked happy enough to have the distraction, so we all left for work.

A mildly later and mildly less stressful meeting with everyone on the development team. I had a really good moment when boss Bill said that even with the priorities, we might well do a little prioritizing ourselves as well. Engineering would know the amount of time certain things are going to take and weight the priorities that apps and marketing would give us, but it would be a whole lot better to have a few dozen things fixed rather than taking months and maybe not even finish one thing. Anyway, it was kinda nice to realize that engineering really does have a say in what gets done.

At lunch Debbie and I went to Wendy's and got ourselves lunch as well as plain Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for the dogs. I've never given Fezzik one of those, but I know that he probably had plenty of equivalents when he was mooching off the construction workers when he was young, so probably knew exactly what he was getting into when he smelled them. The two of us entered the backyard in a whirl of dogs. Fezzik was doing his best to keep up with the other two, eventhough it was obvious that his hind legs weren't doing as well as they were a week ago. He's also panting very hard whenever he goes out for even the smallest walk.

I really think that the second shot didn't do nearly as much as the first, and even the contractors at the house commented that the big black dog looked sick. That made me kinda just sad.

The dogs, however, were anything but sad on seeing and smelling us with our lunches. Fezzik camped out right next to me. He sat and lay down very quickly on command, and I gave him his burger all at once, which might have been a mistake. He ate it in his typical one bite. Debbie took the time to split her Jr. burgers into quarters before feeding them to her dogs. I should have done that, as Fezzik basically inhaled his in an instant and didn't really enjoy it for very long. So, I sat and ate my burger and gave him chunks off of mine as well as as many fries as he really wanted. Not like they'll do any damage that's significant compared to everything else and he enjoyed them so much.

I have a class tomorrow, all day, so I had to get a bug fixed today or it just wasn't going to get in, as Friday we leave for Seattle. So I slogged away at it, and went through two different twists that were entirely unintutive, and got it to work only around 5:30. I had one other bug and the only real thing I could do was ask a few more questions of the tester because I couldn't figure out, at all, how to reproduce it as I couldn't get one section of the toolset to work.

Jay had arrived, had been in off-site meetings for most of the week, but might be free tonight for dinner. He wasn't going to be able to leave until 6 for dinner, so I went downstairs and walked the treadmill feeling pretty good, all in all, though a little worried about Fezzik as he'd be alone after 4, and I didn't really want to stay all that long after dinner. Realistically, Fezzik doesn't mind being alone, he's been that way most of his life; but I was just feeling bad, I think, after the contractor's comment.

So when Jay got delayed by work stuff and the three of us lingered over dinner well past 8:30, I got very tired and grouchy. Finally we were able to leave, but only after I had to poke John in that direction a few times, and then I got really upset with him in the car. So it is. We got there, and it was dark, but I'd reminded John to bring a flashlight we had, a nice, light, portable one, and so we got into the backyard with a bit less trouble. Fezzik was asleep on the lawn, just a big, black lump. He was very happy to see us, but had some trouble getting up. He made it, and bravely got through the gravel, eventhough it was making him lose his hind end about every dozen steps. After we lifted him into the back of the truck, he sat behind my seat and leaned against it as we drove the short distance to our hotel.

John fed him and we then took him out for a walk. John said that he'd take Fezzik to the vet tomorrow morning, so I wouldn't have to get up, and given that, I could actually stay up a little with the two of them. Fezzik was obviously tired from the day, weaving about a bit more drunkenly than before; but also obviously happy to be with us and outside and doing stuff with us. When his backend got too out of whack, he lay down on some nice, soft lawn and just watched us with bright eyes for a bit while panting and resting. Eventually he got up and we went back to the room. I was so exhausted with the last few days that I just went to sleep. John stayed up a bit, and walked Fezzik again.

For some reason, Fezzik decided to sleep in the bedroom with us, and when I got up at 2:30 am to empty my bladder, he started panting at me until I got the leash out and he just got up and we went out into the coolness. He peed almost immediately and he was still pretty tired looking, and stumbled back into the hotel pretty quickly after. He ended up laying down out in the living area again and went, as far as I could tell, into a deep sleep. Quiet. So I slept as well

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