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October 12, 2000
two years ago


I was so glad of the extra hour of sleep it was pretty funny. No Fezzik to have to worry about, and plenty we still had to do. I had class at 9, and I had to tell Geoff what was up so that he wouldn't worry. So I basically fired up my mail and then ran off to where the class was. I wonder if I looked kinda funny, with my five month baby belly, as Coy, who was going to the same class, honked at me on his way over, in his car, and he picked me up and gave me a ride to the site. That was very nice of him, though he said it was mostly 'cause he didn't know quite where he was going, which was also nice of him.

The class was actually an early test of the class and the reason we'd been picked to go to it and participate was 'cause we were experienced coders and expected to actually help shape the class and figure out a more useful way to convey the information if this wasn't working. We had two days to go over a single day's class material, so that we'd have plenty of time to try things out and critique as we went. We barely managed a little less than half the material in the eight hours we had. We broke for about ten minutes once in the morning and once in the afternoon and had exactly and hour for lunch, and worked really hard on everything in all the time between.

Lecture and labs that were really good for getting the material attached to the reality of the code that we at Xilinx might have to deal with. It was really good stuff, all in all, though we did have plenty of comments as well to help it work out better.

I walked to the deli at lunch time, as I wanted the walk and wanted to be by myself for a bit. I only ate half my sandwich, but enjoyed it a lot back in the conference room. I wanted the quiet and time to just be myself and by myself. Maybe Fezzik felt this way too, yesterday, after the active, younger dogs had left. Ahhh... time and quiet and peace for a nap. I didn't get a nap, but Fezzik had.

Work work work the afternoon, and only after 5 did we break up. The rest of the class is going to be gone over by everyone tomorrow. I went back to work, but had so little brain I ended up playing a little Angband before I went through my email, luckily only half a dozen messages including one by the testing group that basically answered my question saying that there really wasn't a problem, that things were behaving the way I'd specified in my design documents. So that 'bug' isn't anymore.

I'm glad.

John wandered by soon after to ask about how the class went, as he would likely have to be teaching this material sometime in Ireland and France. I told him, and he told me that Dr. Biller had noticed that Fezzik's nodes weren't doing so hot again, so she'd wanted to try something on him that they'd never tried on him. So he's going through the eight hour methodology and from her later calls he was doing just fine. He didn't even really have any nausea, which was the normal side effect of this one, but they'd keep him overnight for observation and we could get him in the morning. We'd have to get him in the morning and then hightail it home to drop him off with the Goodells before zooming off to the airport.

So no dog to take care of tonight, which is something of a relief. John then asked what I wanted to do for dinner, and I said that I'd like either The Dark Horse, which is a very informal, smokeless pub that has great food near the hotel, or The Cheesecake Factory as I had never been to one. John perked up at the pub place, as he remembered it from last year, and we went there. Amusingly enough, even with all the really gorgeous burgers there, we both ordered salads as well as a small basket of their buffalo wings. The wings were crisp and thoroughly and completely flavored with a super tangy, vinegary, and nicely hot sauce. Not hot enough to make me cry, but hot enough to clear my sinuses. Wow. With the salads, they made for really good eating.

So, happily full, we went back to the hotel. Packing, watching the ball game and a hockey game, and planning the getaway tomorrow. It's been a really long week, and it's only going to be a bit longer. I swear I'm going to ask for a nap when I get to Seattle tomorrow, because in order to get to the flight on time we're going to have to get up pretty early to get Fezzik in time. I'm just glad I haven't gotten sick

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