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October 18, 2000
a year ago

Familiar Ground

Fezzik was very happy this morning, he was getting around really easily and seemed to be serenely interlining his front yard. So instead of dragging him away, putting him into a strange yard, and disrupting what looked to be a good morning, we left him at home. Yesterday I had wanted to take him over to Debbie's yard so I could go over at lunchtime and feed him bacon cheeseburgers, but today, watching him make his rounds around the yard, it seemed a shame to drag him away from what he was familiar with.

Most of my work for the upcoming release was done, and I had three meetings today. The first was the general engineering staff meeting for our group, which was generally low-key. The second meeting was a code review for our intern's new code, which I came out of with an action item to come up with a new template for our header files and implementation files. The old Data I/O copyright notices were way out of date, and we now had automated documentation generation given a certain format within the code comments. So we had to add a particular formatting to our header files to make use of the smart documentation. The last was a one on one with Boss Bill and the two of us worked out a path for the upcoming time and what I really needed to do next. I was a little worried that the schedule he'd put together had me either working on new features or bugs solid, i.e. no extra time for things like usability, the GUI guidance programs, or other, more long-term items. He acknowledged my worry, and said that we'd add the time when we actually knew what the next stage was going to be.

I was pretty busy all afternoon and actually ate at my desk. I had the last of the lasagna, but could only eat half of the giant block. While I was heating my lunch Karen walked into the lunchroom, and the two of us ended up talking about pregnancy and some of the trials and tribulations thereof. It was pretty funny to actually have someone say that she didn't miss some of the more uncomfortable aspects. I really appreciated that after so many women saying that they actually missed having someone moving within their innards. It was kind of nice to have someone actually say that they didn't miss uncomfortable sleeping positions, a compacted bladder, and strange digestive feelings without the odd zeal some ladies had of talking about how horrible their morning sickness had been.

John found out that Rick H. was busy tonight, so we tried to get hold of Joan, to see if she wanted to have dinner with us. Our simple plan was to go to Popeye's, buy fried chicken for all of us and then go home and eat it. She was, however, not home. We went to Popeye's anyway, and call for on the celphone just before we ordered. She still wasn't there, so John left a note saying that we were going to eat anyway, but she was invited for pumpkin pie dessert if she felt like it when she got home. John and I both got three-piece dinners and went home.

I ate both of the legs in my box very happily, and then deboned the thigh for Fezzik. I gave him every bit of crisp skin, tender meat, and dripped all the juices into his food bowl over his dry food. I think he enjoyed it almost as much, if not more, than his bacon cheeseburger. He was still moving really nicely and it was good to see him enjoying himself so thoroughly. Joan called after we ate, to say that she had been busy all day and was too tired to come over. We decided to postpone getting together until Friday, which was when Ray was supposed to get back from San Jose.

So I was the only one to eat pumpkin pie tonight. John has figured out that eating as much as I do isn't all that good an idea. Given my weight at the last fish check, I am now gaining at the rate I'm supposed to be gaining at, which is one pound a week. It is such a contextual switch to go from a mentality where any weight gain was a cause for dismay to a mentality where not enough weight gain is a problem.

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