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October 17, 2000
three years ago

Roast Chicken

I like pears and donuts. Luckily, I'd picked up a few pears at Safeway last night, and ate one happily this morning. I also did the thing I'd gotten used to at the Homewood and ate a cup of yogurt as well. Protein and calcium are good things. Then, on the way to work, John had to fill up the Passat, so we stopped at the Conoco and picked up a few donuts as well. The girl behind the counter smiled at me 'cause I was giggling happily over my sugar and chocolate frosted chocolate donut. Mmm... donut happiness.

The morning meeting had one of our developers missing, so I picked up a few of the crash-heavy bugs as they needed investigating quickly. I didn't know why or how or even what they were related to, but crashes are crashes. It didn't help to find that our testing folks hadn't put test cases in any of the public folders used for such; but the two crashes turned out to be easy enough to figure out. Nice thing about a crash, you always know when it's about to happen. Purify is also really, really nice about telling me where something that was used got created and deleted, so it made one of them really, really easy to track down.

I ate some of the last of the lasagna between bug hunts and just kept plowing through stuff.

Ended up finding the source for a lot of this stuff, pinpointing the problems and putting notes into the bug cases about what I'd found.

It was a good day. I felt useful. I also felt like our testing guys hadn't really had the time to really get going on anything, and that this is likely the beginning of our bug cycle, but the schedulers hadn't really given then nearly enough time to actually get through everything. This is going to be interesting to see what gives, or even if anything does really give, or if we manage a minor miracle.

It was nice, however, to have been useful.

John got me fairly early, and we went to Safeway for whipped cream for the pumpkin pie I made last night. I didn't mention that, did I? Canned pumpkin with spices, a bit of milk and egg to set the custard, brown sugar instead of white because I like the taste of it and molasses seems to go well with pumpkin, and a pie crust from scratch, baked while the potstickers were cooking. It turned out spicy and not too rich and very yummy with all the good yellow/gold vegetable vitamins and fiber and stuff. The crust was crisp and flaky. So I'd actually done quite well for a pie I'd put together in about ten minutes.

While at Safeway, I was lured by a small fryer chicken, and so we bought it along with some celery and I made roast chicken while John biked. I wasn't too hungry just on getting home, so I didn't mind the wait too much. I just ate another pear. While the chicken cooked, though, I watched the Mariners play the Yankees in their last ditch effort to finally play in the World Series. It looked really, really promising for most of the first half of the game, and then the Yankees managed to get a few breaks and that was that.

While the game played and the bird baked, John put more stuff away. I put some things away around the house as Thursday is cleaning lady day and they'll not want everything around the house when they come to clean things. It might seem funny that we have to pick up the house in order for someone else to clean, when one often associates cleaning the house with picking things up. But if things are picked up, they can dust, vacuum and really clean the surfaces that catch dust much more easily than if we leave things lying around. So it's picking up so that they can really clean.

The chicken came out tender, juicy and lovely. The stuffing was good and hearty and with green beans it was a complete meal. The pumpkin pie with whipped cream, afterwards, was just wonderful as a finishing touch. Cool pumpkin custard in the crisp crust with the halo of sweet cream. Happiness.

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