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October 24, 2000
three years ago

Some Recovery

So. This morning Fezzik was walking around as if nothing had happened. It perplexed me but also made me really, really glad. We did, however, call Dr. Biller and tell her that his rear left lymph node was getting bigger eventhough all the other ones were down. She called me back later and we talked through possibilities, and the most reasonable seemed to be to bring him in at the end of this week. Part of it was that today would be far too soon for him to get another treatment. A balancing reality was the fact that when Fezzik started failing, in the past, he would lose his mobility first and then head downhill fast, in a matter of just days, not a whole week.

So it was probably safer to bring him in Friday than not. It was mildly saddening, but not awful.

I spent the day doing the odd balancing act of trying to satisfy the hunger from being pregnant and the needs of my really unhappy digestive system. Breakfast was oatmeal without any milk, and it wasn't holding me that well, sadly.

At lunch time I went to Wendy's and bought two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and all the way home I could smell them in their bag. They smelled really good. I bought them plain, i.e. just burger, cheese, and bacon on a bun, no veggies or sauces or pickles. Simple food for simple dogs. I got home and parked at the back, put the bag on the counter and pulled out one of the burgers. I then went to the front door and Fezzik was lying there, flat on his side, he startled when I came out and blinked at me. I giggled. I then went down on one knee and started feeding him chunks off the burger. I learned my lesson from last time and didn't give it to him all at once.

He enjoyed it greatly, a chunk at a time, and drooling for more so long as there was some. I stole a bite off the one burger, before giving him all the rest of it. The simple need for protein was just too much for me. I then went inside, with a very eager Fezzik following me neatly. He slid a little on the floor, but not nearly as badly as last night, and I actually ate on the carpetting from the coffee table instead of the diningroom table as I knew that he'd follow me. I had more of the rice porridge, which Fezzik coveted thoroughly even after I'd fed him the other burger.

It was kinda funny having him really want my bland food after he got all the good smelling stuff, but he really, truly wanted it. So, when I'd eaten my fill, I slopped the last of it in his bowl and he munched it up happily. Funny dog who likes rice nearly as much as bacon cheeseburgers. He was very happy. When all was done, though, when I put him back outside, he was looking just a mite forlorn as I went away again. But, for a while, he was very happy.

So that was a good lunch in some ways. My stomach was still bothering me a lot, though, but I got through the afternoon without too much incident as I could just get up and go to the bathroom at any moment that I needed. Also, the network was horrible, so I didn't have any contact with anyone. Which was useful for getting things done at work. I was feeling pretty horrible, though, by the time we went home. The all carbo day was just leaving me completely drained and I was craving, horribly, a simple grilled cheese sandwich and tomoto soup. So John promised to make me one when he had biked.

So he biked, and I ate the very last of the goopy rice, which wasn't much, but could hold me until he could feed me, which was a very good thing. I then played Final Fantasy VII for a while and got good and stuck. But, luckily, while stuck, I got a handful of levels for all my characters and lots and lots of money off all the monsters. John made me dinner when he was done exercising and I couldn't believe how good a simple sandwich and soup would make me feel. Yay! Soup is good food!

Afterwards we watched baseball for a bit, but since John had to leave tomorrow for San Jose for work and Carl was coming to visit tomorrow, we realized we should clear out the guest room upstairs of all the things that were normally in our front hallway closet. So we took a while to get everything downstairs, and I liked using the hand-things-down for half the stairway technique for not having to climb all the stairs for all of the things. I did it until I was breathless and then took a break. I'm getting better about taking breaks even if John doesn't as I know, now, that I don't have his stamina or strength. An odd thing to only realize now, but a good one.

So while he finished all that stuff, I did the sinkful of dishes that had accumilated for the week. It was quiet work, without any brain requirements and John was very grateful for me doing it as he'd put it next on his list. I told him he still had to pack for tomorrow, and thought it would be a good thing to do so that he didn't have to. It's nice to do things that someone is thankful for even if it might nominally be thought of as something I 'should' be doing anyway

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