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October 27, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Vet Check and Potstickers

We didn't get up all that early. Too tired from how late things went last night, and Fezzik got time to eat his breakfast before John got his leash out and got him all excited. Fezzik started following us everywhere, even on the slippery kitchen and hallway floors, and he sprawled at least once, but didn't seem to mind at all as he wanted to know what was going on.

Eventually we loaded him into Borax and took the freeway out to the specialist and Fezzik soon lay down as he kinda knew what was happening. We got him there and got to talk with Dr. Biller for a bit. She felt all his nodes and thought that everything was definitely down from before, but his rear left leg was still bad and that he was definitely weakening in the rear legs. She said that there probably wasn't that much more time we could give him, but that it would still be good time with the stuff that she had left. She wanted to do a pill set, that would just be giving him the drugs orally, not the 8 hour IV procedure, so we could pick him up whenever we needed to pick him up. We gave her Fezzik's leash and as we walked out, I looked back to find Fezzik had sat, back legs splayed a bit, looking at us and refusing to go with her. I said, "Go on, Fezzik, it's okay." and heard Dr. Biller giggle and coax him her way.

Poor pup.

I got stuff done in the morning. Deadline is Tuesday early morning, so I thought it'd be better to get it done now than later, and I even had Sudipto, who was chasing his own emergency and fire fight, actually test it for me more thoroughly. It took him a while, but since I had so much time I wasn't in any hurry. So let him take the time he needed for other things. The good thing was simply being ready for him early enough that he might actually have the time.

The whole group did the China Gourmet thing again while I was waiting, so we all went happily and Carl was there! He'd been mildly unsure of exactly what he was going to do today, but it was cool to see him and it was fun having him interact with Cary, Bob, Brandi and the others. The food was, as usual, good and filling and the conversations were fun. Cary did the fetching of all the food again, and everyone had fun telling him that every name called was his. At one point, there was this gorgeous boy standing at the entrance to the back door and my jaw just dropped on seeing him. Wavy brown hair, enormous eyes, and a profile that was just eye-blinkingly pure. After the guy left, Brandi was like completely agog and asked me if I'd *seen* him and then apologized profusely to Rosty for pointing it all out. It was pretty funny in a lot of ways.

I mean, there are a ton more reasons I'm with Rosty than just his good looks. The mind-meld thing he and I share is one of them, the other was the years of Caltech reality together, another includes the decade and a half we've shared and figured out how to accommodate each other, Rosty's stability in the face of my worries, and yet many more things than I can name. A beautiful boy is just a beautiful boy in the face of all that.

The food was good. I actually craved potstickers before coming and they actually had a pretty good version of the things, though it was obvious that after boiling them they actually popped them into the deep fryer before serving them rather than just pan frying 'em. The sauce they were served with was very tasty as well, and I scarfed three of 'em after asking everyone if it would be okay. The innards weren't solid meat, which was very good, I like more vegetable matter on the inside. The other dishes were good, but I could see myself getting tired of doing this every week. The menu is mildly limited and a number of the dishes pretty much taste the same. Still, it was just fun to go with everyone and have it be something that we could plan on doing and going to frequently.

I got the rest of everything done in the afternoon. Sudipto managed to test things and it all came out clean, and so I checked things in, did all the double checks that I needed to do to make sure that I didn't break anything. This time I built it all before checking it in again and it worked. So I was pretty happy.

A bit after 5 John and I ran off to get Fezzik from the vet's. It took a while in the rush hour traffic, but we got there okay, and picked Fezzik up and Dr. Biller was there still, even though we were just a mite later than her usual 6 p.m. leaving time. She laughed and said that Fezzik was looking like he was feeling much better, he'd actually started barking at the staff when they wouldn't let him go where he wanted to go. It's cool to know that they knew dogs well enough to know that Fezzik barking was a good thing, it also made me laugh. The tech brought Fezzik out and as he came out he lost his hind legs on the slippery floor again, and he just sat by John while we did all the paperwork to get him out. I fed him some of the low-fat treats and he ate them happily. When we had to go out, I supported his rear end until we got out the door and he was on concrete and grass. This time we made sure he had time to relieve himself before we bundled him into the truck.

Home again, home again, and Carl was waiting for us at home, and patiently waited a bit more as I fed Fezzik and we got ready to go out to dinner. We decided to go up to Deli Cioso's and had a marvelous dinner. I got the Mexican style taco made with carnitas and a plain tamale with some cheese on top. I added some of the cheese to the taco as well and the Mexican style taco has the meat, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro on soft, super fresh corn tortillas. I really, really enjoyed that. The tamale was a mite dry without the chili, but still tasted really good. Both John and Carl got stuff they really liked and as we were about to finish our dinner food, Carl got up and ordered honey sopapillas for us. They arrived just as we finished and they were so hot they were hard to tear apart even! Crisp and chewy and very, very good with a squeeze bottle of honey to douse them with. They were a really great ending to a really nice dinner.

Once we got home again, John broke out Ape Escape and was soon leaping and bounding and netting monkeys right and left. Carl and I had a great time just watching John get aquainted with the controls and figure out how to do things. There were a lot of things to do and a lot of stuff to learn, but it really is a very Bandicoot-like cartoon game where there isn't really any violence, but there are cool puzzles, some physical/3-D puzzles and some simple what do I do next puzzles. The graphics are a bit grainy and there were some rendering problems; but it was good enough to play and definitely fun to play and watch as well. It was really funny that John got to play happily while the two of us advised and watched. I'm very glad that John is a very patient man.

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