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October 27, 1998
a year ago


The sky is just solid rain. Dark, deep grey so solid it's amazing, and water and wind are lashing at my window. It's marvelous.

I learned, last night, that J. Peterman's is opening a store in downtown Seattle. I went nuts. Mildly. John Peterman himself is going to be at the store when it opens. I halfway want to be there, halfway want to wear my suit and be there and thank him for buying and selling clothing with real style. As Eric says, there can never be enough style in the world. Anyway, he'll be there Thursday and Friday, and I might try and make the Thursday afternoon visit and meander about and see if I can't get him to sign the holiday catalog, which is just utterly gorgeous. I am half afraid that they'll have the blue velvet ball gown. I'll have to try it on and I'm so afraid that I'll just buy it right then and there.

Anyway... wibbling aside, it should be interesting to meet the guy that buys this stuff in the first place and has the eye for it.

Today was clean up day. We've done all we can, there are some nasty bugs that are out of our control, so instead of releasing with the bugs, we'll be doing previews of the product, holding off on actually selling it until it's solid. We'll get some customer feedback, more DDTS gist, and more things to fix and outside testing while all this is going on, and that should help even more in making it rock solid.

Another cool thing was that John found a place that has the parts that can do a conversion of a Land Rover to an electronic car... and I'd give a lot to have a Land Rover that could run entirely clean. Work and time as well as money. It would be cool. I've always wanted an electric car, but it's never really been feasible before, and this looks entirely feasible.

Kathy got a bunch of pictures of Fezzik. So I put 'em on on his page

And, yes, he's as cute as his pictures.

Spent the evening at home. John had a meeting at church. I sat and ate dinner and watched TV until I got sick of watching TV, and then I decided to do knee exercises. First the bike, then the various exercises, until I looked up an it was an hour later.

The shower felt good. Sitting down to read a book felt even better, until I tried to get up when John got home. Man, I was sore.

So getting up to go on the walk with Fezzik was hard. The first few steps very painful, but they got better. Sometimes I just have to trust that they'll get better, and then they do.

It was raining. Hard, when we finally walked out the door. It's the first time, in a long time, that it's been raining steadily during our walks with Fezzik. It was a medium heavy rain, constant, wet, dripping, and I wore my oil skin hat and my trenchcoat and walked happily dry. Fezzik danced along, completely unmindful of the wet. John walked with and we held hands in his warm pocket, and we talked about his evening and the meeting and stuff. That was cool to have him get it off his chest, as he was pretty clearly frustrated, but gradually got happier and calmer.

Sleep was instantaneous when I finally hit the bed.

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