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October 29, 2000
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Shopping And a Boulder Dinner

Was pretty tired even on waking up today, but just couldn't really get back to sleep. So I actually got up and made everyone coffee, even though the plan was to go out and eat breakfast, it seemed a good way to start the morning. John was working away, so I woke Carl up and then played a bit of Final Fantasy VII while he was showering. Coffee and video games, what a way to twitch!

I made sure that I found my birthday gift certificate of ten dollars from Origins beauty stuff, and got it out and put it on the counter. As we were leaving, however, I took some time to put biscuits out on the porch for Fezzik, and completely forgot the certificate on the way out the door. I was thinking, in the car, about raising the kid and knew that one of the things I wanted was that the kid not regret spilled milk. I didn't just mean the analogy, either. I know a lot of people that get really dismayed or even angry when they or someone around them accidentally spills something. Even when it was just an accident. They get so angry or so upset that it just ruins things for everyone when it would be so much better and easier on everyone, including themselves, if they just shrugged it off and started cleaning up or helping someone clean things up. Like John, last night, was soon giggling and laughing as much as I was, and actually having fun rinsing everything off with Carl's help.

I want a kid that can react to spilled milk constructively, too.

Of course, that's when I remembered that I'd forgotten my gift certificate, and sadded about it to Carl and John. It was pretty funny, all in all, and, yeah, I really want to raise a kid that's different than me. John noted that I've been using their stuff for a while and it was unlikely that I'd stop, and given that the gift certificate likely didn't have an expiration date, or, at worst, it was for my next year's birthday, I'd likely get another chance to redeem it as well. He was definitely right.

So I let go.

We got to Gunther Toddy's and found a line outside the door. Oops. Luckily, the bar opened up three slots and we all sat down and ordered. The place was just packed and the waitresses were at their best, yelling for folks to get out of the way when they were completely laden down with food and things. The whole area behind the bar was a chaos of action. People going in all directions, all with their own purposes and reasons. It was great to watch. There was one waitress who came into the area going, "I'd rather wait on a dozen girls than four boys. They're spitting in each others food! Only boys would think of that!" It had John and I giggling. There seemed to be a table filled with boys from a particular sports team, all getting rowdy together.

It was all loud, colorful, and action packed. Our food came pretty quickly and was as solid as always. I had the biscuits and gravy with a scrambled egg and a side of sausage. This place served different sausage than the other place we'd had breakfast at, and it was more the British style sausage with some cereal filler in it. I was very happy with it. The gravy wasn't too salty, either, which was quite the blessing, and I enjoyed as much as I could and filled up considerably. Both John and Carl managed to clean their plates, I was very impressed, and Carl had a really nice vanilla malted with his breakfast, and he actually gave me the very last dregs in the mixing cup. It was lovely, creamy, malty sweet, and thick.

From there we headed even more south, and got out to the Cherry Creek Mall. Carl then went to the Tattered Cover while we headed for the mall, as Carl wasn't that interested in shopping, so he went to what he was interested in. We said we'd meet him there, and we went through the mall to Origins. They had the grapefruit body wash I wanted as well as the little packets of salt rub that I wanted for traveling. I love the way the oils stay on my skin, and it just feels so good that it seemed like a good idea to bring a packet of the stuff when I travel this November and maybe even have some for a bath or something when I'm in the birthing room or something after, as the citrus scents are just so soothing for me. Also, this is a great way to go through a small amount of the stuff without having to worry about water contamination the way I sometimes do with the stuff in a jar.

It was fun to just walk and walk again. I started wearing the Pikachu again, and it was so angry at me it was shocking me 'cause I'd left it for nearly a month after Geoff had such fits about trying to find it when I thought I'd lost it there. I am too easily shaped by other people's anger, I think, but maybe it's just the way I work, too. Someone once really was angry with the fact that I get hurt so easily and I had no real answer to that and it was such an odd twist 'cause it was obvious that he wanted me to change because of his anger, but that was exactly what he was mad at. Besides, I'm not sure it's something I can change, 'cause I was shaped, early on, to become what would make other people less angry with me or at least less unhappy with me. No matter the cost to myself or to what I really wanted. And if someone wants to get involved with me that's simply a reality of who and what I am when I love someone. But it's something that I have to be aware of, too, and to counteract when I actually can or am aware. Otherwise it's like spilling the milk and just wallowing in it forever as it rots. I can still clean things up and do something constructive, like stay out of the way of people's anger and do what I want to do when it really doesn't matter to them anymore.

And I do take such pleasure from the pikachu's satisfaction when I do something for it. It was fairly easy to lure it out and feed it and make it at least okay with me. With all the walking through the mall, it would likely be even better soon, and I'd get more exercise while being aware of its needs rather than just my own. It's kinda cool, in some ways, to be able to play to my own neurosis to my benefit. At least I know.

So we made it out of the mall into a beautiful, sunny, fall crisp day, and stopped by a branch of our bank for a bit of cash before arriving at the bookstore. Mmm... money for books. I was still mildly obsessed with the Alexander Lloyd books, so we wandered about looking for them and finally found them in the basement under the shelf that read 'Older Children' and not only did we find the whole Prydain series, but several others as well. Carl debated getting them all, but didn't want to carry them back and could likely order them online later if he wanted. So he didn't get them. I, on the other hand, got all five, plus The Iron Ring, which looked intriguing and Carl added Edward Eager's Half Magic to my pile. So, as before, I ended up with a bag of books and Carl had none!

Not that he couldn't find what he was looking for online.

From there we went over to the Wizard's Attic as John wanted a costume for tomorrow. He knew that I was going to be the Alien Mama and he was uninspired about a costume this year. So we went and while John wandered upstairs, Carl and I wandered about downstairs, which is where all the games were. Sadly, this place only had White Wolf and D&D; but I honestly thought for a bit about getting all the new D&D books. Carl asked me what for, as he knew that I wasn't going to actually read them or even play with them that much. He thought it mildly insane for me spend all that money when it was likely that I wouldn't touch them. I don't really read gaming books, even though I game. I mostly have other people know the systems, help make up the consensus world between the GM and myself as a player and play. He did try to tempt me into getting the starter kit in the big box as he was mildly curious about what was in the big box that wasn't in the little box, and he said that he'd run the continuing adventures of John's cleric and my drwarven fighter if I did. But his good advice had sunk in too deep and I didn't get that, either.

John found a bagful of goodies, bought those and off we went. On the way we'd seen a Starbucks and a Jamba Juice place, so we stopped there. John and I got coffee drinks, mine decaf, while Carl got a good and sugary fruit concoction and the three of us sat out in the sunshine, with our sunglasses and drank our drinks. I heard some yipping going on, and suddenly caught sight of a golden retriever in a tutu. Then there was this flood of dogs all in costume, and they paraded by as the shop owners came out to give out treats to all the dogs. That was pretty funny. One little white dog had a halo and wings and he kept trying to eat his leash and his halo and yapped incessantly at everyone and everything. There was pumpkin Bouvies, primped up poodles, devilish cocker spaniels, padded cockapoos, and even one good-natured Rottwiler in boxers. Pretty cool.

After they flooded by a couple times we got up and went back to the car and drove on home. We stopped at Biggs just for some zucchini so I could make my Halloween dessert, and Carl stayed in the car with a book. Once home, Carl took advantage of our laundry setup while John played Ape Escape and I played FF VII. I had run into Gold Saucer and was having real problems with all the games. Ugh. Luckily I probably didn't have to make that much gold to do what I really needed to do for the game, but for the nonce, it was mildly frustrating. When John played some more, I made chocolate cake.

It turned out really nicely, but I put about twice as many chocolate chips on top as I should have, and I hoped that it wouldn't be a problem. It turned out to not be a structural problem, so I was pretty relieved by that.

We were still pretty full from breakfast, and by mid-afternoon, we thought a bit about what we had to do for the evening. Given the cooking that was going on for tomorrow, Carl thought it would be good to go out for dinner, so we decided to do that. Just when kinda slide along as John tackled the pumpkin ice cream. We'd never made pumpkin ice cream, so we were kind of guessing as we did it. I figured that with the half and half and milk and possibly eggs to custard it a bit, that the spices we normally used for a pumpkin pie would have to be at least doubled to make a dent on the extra volume. So we did that, added about as much sugar as normal ice cream, and then poured in half and half and milk along with the pumpkin to make the volume our ice cream maker would take. We heated it all up, added the eggs to custard it a little as John wanted a very quick freeze time for the mixture as we didn't have all that much time from setup to party for the ice cream to cure. When the mixture was hot, I tasted it and the spices were pretty much right on with the rest of the taste of the mixture. Yay!

When we were done with that we weren't exactly totally hungry, but it would be a good half hour to get to where we were going to eat. That turned out to be about right, and we ended up at the Boulder Cafe, mostly 'cause Carl wanted something he couldn't get at home, and it was pretty much known for its local cuisine, with that mix of vegetarian, Coloradian beef and buffalo, and a bit of game. John and I had the vegetarian lasagna. John added a salad, and I added something of a specialty of the house, which was two crayfish. They had them for fifty cents apiece and the waitress actually forgot them until my meal came, and they were actually fairly big. I just pulled the tails off and most of the body meat came with it and the meat was sweet and crisp and lovely and fresh. The cocktail sauce with horseradish had the right kind of bite and I enjoyed the rather savage art of tearing the crustaceans apart.

John bought dinner in thanks for Carl coming to visit, so Carl bought dessert, and we planned on Ben and Jerry's but they'd closed ten minutes before we'd gotten there. Grump. So we went back to the first night that Carl was here and went to the Bookend Cafe, which was right next to the Boulder Bookstore. They had some desserts and lots of drinks and I got a pecan chocolate torte with a big glass of milk. I think I drink more milk now than before. Likely a good thing.

After that we went home and took the PlayStation downstairs so that Carl could watch John and I race in Crash Team Racing on the big screen. That was pretty fun. Before going to sleep, Carl gave me a big hug as we didn't really know if we'd see each other in the morning, as he wanted us to wake him up when we were leaving for work. We had all the party things to take care of tomorrow, and his flight was at 1. So we had our big hug and goodbye then, and it was really, really good to have him here.

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