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October 19, 2001
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Hard At Work

8:25 pm: A really tight day today. I had a bunch of work to get done. John was trashed again because he had a night like the one I'd had the night before, where sometimes breathing wasn't working unless we were sitting up. But he was a trooper, and actually worked for a while while Joan had Jet. He also sent a bunch of negatives to Wal-Mart to get prints of a bunch of pictures that George had taken while he was here. After getting Jet, John also picked the pictures up.

That gave me some extra time. I nursed Jet, ate lunch, told people that I couldn't make a meeting at 1, and then plowed through the last of what I had to do at 3:30. John was a trooper and took care of Jet for those hours. I then took Jet and nursed him for a good, long while and then we went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day, bright, clear, crisp, and cool.

We had a great time walking the longer walk and got to visit with Sparticus, the big black dog, and one of the horses in the yard. That was fun, and Jet really enjoyed going out and doing the short walk as well. It was good for me, and he was interested in everything.

Jet was really great today. He slept until 4 last night, and just as Silkie had said, after two nights of him sleeping for a long time, my breasts adjusted nicely, and I had no problems sleeping the six and a half hours he gave me. At breakfast, this morning, John had put Jet on the lambskin play pad, and when Jet saw me, he actually crawled over to me and reached up both arms to get picked up, so I picked him up and ate my oatmeal at and arm's length.

The bandaged wrist is doing well. The covering is good and solid and protecting things well. It's healing up pretty well and isn't hurting today much at all, other then when I have all of Jet's weight on that wrist when he's nursing. But I can move things around a little so that doesn't happen. The right wrist is pretty good, even with all the typing I'm doing.

I think that the requirement that I nurse Jet fairly frequently means that even when I work intensely, I'm still not going 8, 10 or even 12 hours of typing straight in a day. It's broken up enough that my tendons can recover, and that's al the difference.

I am mildly amazed that I got done as much as I did, with work. I won't every know if it's enough, but I do know that it's what I could do and that should be good enough for me. There is a lot of information compiled into that beast, and I think that it'd going to be useful to a lot of people. We'll see.

Dinner was more pho, noodle soup. John greeted it with thanksgiving, and that first, hot, chewy bite and that first steaming sip was just heaven on n unhappy throat and stuffed nose. Everyone's noses are still stuffed up and we're pulling huge amounts of goo out of Jet's nose with the booger chaser. He likes it no more than before, and has gotten a technique of shaking his head back and forth to avoid the thing. It makes it really hard to do, but if I make sure he doesn't think he'll get away from it completely by doing that, he may give it up. There was one nose cleaning session this afternoon where he gave the semblance of stopping the shaking back and forth. But that time I also got a whole lot of stuff out that was really bothering his breathing. So he may be learning the benefits of staying still, too.

I took some time to write Isabel and George a thank you note for the lap desk. It's really lightweight, beautiful and a far more comfortable and spacious replacement for all the hardback books I was using. So I have use for it, and I can even use it for the keyboards for work.

My parents called to ask about Jet and I gave a full report on his talking, crawling and hugging.

Jet had a grumpy evening, and took a while to get to sleep. He's been a bit like this a night or two ago, and is still doing well at night. I kind of miss the nights when he'd get up, eat, and go instantly back to sleep, though. Last couple of nights I've nursed him for a while and then had to clean his nose out again, with much screaming and crying, and only after that would he actually relax enough to really eat off me. And only then would he go to sleep. I'm not sure if it's from being really full, from being up an entire hour, or from exhaustion from fighting me.

A couple days ago, I felt like his cold just would never end. That it was just a part of the eternal Now, and that, forever more, I'd been cleaning out his poor nose, propping him up to sleep at night so that he could breath, and dealing with a baby frustrated with his own nose. Today, I can kind of see the end of it, though, John's and my colds aren't particularly fun, either, but I can kind of see Jet's nose really overflowing with goo and then gradually lessening as the day went on.

So it's going to be over. Tomorrow is day seven of the week all colds run. We'll hope it's over then.

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