Liralen's Adventure Through Life
October 2001
  2: Harvest Moon
  3: Butterflies
  4: Some Things Ventured
  5: Trolling
  6: Errands Day
  7: Catching Up
  8: Joan's Back. Yay!
  9: A Deer In The Headlights Of Life
10: Previous Lives
11: Meeting Hell
12: First Cold
14: Dealing With The Virus
15: Meeting Old Friends
16: Luck and Love
17: Getting The Passat Back
18: Crawling Forwards and 'Reflexes Save Mom'
19: Hard At Work
20: Happy Baby
21: A Little Help From Our Friends
22: Walk, Popeye's and Hand Food
23: Motoring Along
24: Just Doing The Next Thing
25: Balancing Act
26: Day Off
27: Retail Therapy
28: Hour, What Hour?
29: Reviews Start
30: Deep Fillings
31: A Packed Halloween

This month saw the end to Isabel and George's visit, my birthday, and a whole lot of work related stresses as I find that, like Boss Bill and Boss Steve, I've fallen behind and I can't get caught back up. Of course, with three year's worth of backlog, it was bound to happen, but there's some progress.

Work itself gets really busy, I gain a lot of time, and then plan on how to spend it next month and the month after that. So there are good plans after this kick time is over.

I go to the dentist and find that I have to get a couple of teeth refilled and I actually talk about the stress and fear with John and we figure out a plan to relieve that. That's quite a bonus.

I discover that Jet really does mean a whole lot more to my parents than I do, which might not be too much of a surprise. Jet, oblivious, figures out how to crawl forwards instead of backwards and he starts exploring his world in all kind of exciting and interseting ways. He is very fun to play with and interesting to expose to new people, places, and things as he just soaks it all right up.

Jet also gets his first series of colds, and John and I get to suffer along with him. Poor kid. He seems to be fighting them all off pretty well, but it's pretty exhausting on top of everything else.

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