October 19, 1997

The weekend has been pretty restful, on the whole, and I've managed to catch up on my sleep, which is a pretty rare thing. There are still quite a few things about work that worry me, and so I've come in, when there's no one here, to get started on the main structure on the up coming work. It's nice to be able to think with no interruptions. What really surprises me is that the DragonDictate software has been getting steadily better with use, and I can even dictate useful pieces of information.

The best part about all is that I can quickly dictate large sections of technical information that would normally abuse my hands pretty terribly without any use of my hands. Even mouse movements can be voice commanded, rather then point-and-clicked with the mouse. So, I am quite pleased with how this is working out.

Fezzik had a great time yesterday at the off-leash area. He found a fast small dog that he could chase and just run and run and run and run after. He did it until he was limping and couldn't really run anymore, but after a short rest he was able to walk several blocks with me to find John's soccer kids at play. The game was pretty interesting, and they were scrambling when we got there, but after a good halftime talk they managed to start working together to team better.

The evening was spent with Regis, watching The Peacemaker. It was a fairly straightforward adventure action movie that was pretty much as advertised, so we enjoyed it for what it was. What was really funny, was meeting up with Michael Baker in the lobby, before the movie, since we haven't seen him for years. We all said that we should get together more frequently, and I think we will.

Afterwards, we had dinner at El Toreodor, and then went to Regis is apartment to pick up a copy of Neverhood that she had purchased for me. I am likely to play with that today.

A fairly quiet weekend

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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