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October 25, 2001
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Balancing Act

He was really adventurous tonight and the three of us went upstairs to let John do some experiments with his setup. We've been thinking about just gating the stairs and letting Jet have the whole hallway upstairs for his play area. So John or I were sitting across the top of the stairs and letting Jet wander around and explore and play. I kept him from an outlet, and he wandered about.

At one point he tried pulling himself up along a door jamb, and it looked like he was doing just fine. He was putting all his weight on one hand and then that hand slipped on the smooth wood. He pitched forward and whacked his head on the door jamb. I heard the crack of the wood when he hit, and I went and picked him up as he cried and cried. He had a big, black bruise on his forehead.

Poor kid. I just hugged him while he cried, and then, after a few minutes, he wiggled really hard to get out of my arms and he crawled away from me again.

Now I know what they mean by heart in mouth.

The rest of the day was okay. A bit busy, a bit tiring, and all three of us are just still trying to get back to being healthy again. Jet's crawling like crazy and learning a lot about balance, I guess.

Sometimes it's just really hard, trying to balance how much is enough freedom and how much is just going to get him hurt, and sometimes, I guess, the balance has to go a little too far one way or the other before we can correct it a little.

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