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October 24, 2001
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Just Doing The Next Thing

8:36 pm: Today was one of those days where it just feels like it's one thing after the other. A day where I just keep doing things and doing the next thing and then the next and I'm grinding through the day and all the things it presents, and I'm getting through it but that's all there really is to the day.

It wasn't a particularly nasty day, or a particularly hard day, in that I've had days where I've had to get through more. Jet wasn't the worse he's been last night, though he was up three times until midnight, and then up only the one time at 4 after that before getting up at 7. He is definitely cranky tonight. He didn't nap very well today, but I didn't expect him to, really, with a forty-five minute nap at Joan's. He did play with me pretty well in the office, but he also decided climbing things was the thing to do today and smashed his forehead into various hard surfaces enough times to make himself cry pretty hard. I caught him from doing it most of the times, but two got through. I guess it's one way to learn not to do that, and his climbing technique improved considerably after each instance.

My morning began earlier than usual because I decided to meet with Coy before the developer's meeting. I left Jet and John at 8:30 and let them deal with getting to Joan's. We did a very useful going over of all the things Coy had questions about with the things he's about to tackle. He is getting his brain around the guts of the internal database for the software and he just needed some compass pointings to know what to look at, what it meant, and where he could at least get started.

It's really cool working with an experienced software programmer. Through the lean years at Data I/O and Minc, most of the people that I was working with were converted hardware engineers, new programmers, and a very few experienced programmers. Bob is someone that I've always enjoyed working with and the difference between him and some of the really new guys is very obvious. Especially in the area of making a program that is going to be used by people that didn't write it. Coy is very good. I'm very impressed with how quickly he picks stuff up and it was just very enjoyable to spend and hour with him to point out the sights, so to speak, and get him where he needed to be to get started on his main project.

The developers' meeting was okay, the 1:1 brief but useful, and then I went with everyone to Wok and Roll for lunch. It is always good to get some social contact. I find that I need more actual contact with other adult human beings because I take conversations with other adults and analyze them to death in the dearth of simply not having very many of them.

It was nice to be able to sit with Chad in the car on the way over and just talk with him. Bob got his new Mercedes, and Cary and Ryan rode with him on the way there. John met us there, and we had a good lunch talking about everything from wood shop to Bob's car and the miracle it is that boys survive into adulthood.

That was fun. I wet right to Joan's after lunch and Jet cried again when I put him into his seat. I don't know why he does that, but he arches and wants out of the seat. I have to strap him in, and once he's not getting out again, he quiets down and sniffles sadly, but doesn't protest as much. It's just a pretty rough few minutes until I get him in, though. I don't have any idea why he's suddenly not wanting to get into his seat, but I'll just have to deal with it, I guess.

We actually had a pretty good time until my 2 o' clock meeting, and we played and got clean and other stuff afterwards. John got home sometime after 4, and took Jet downstairs to play while John rode the exercise bike. It gave me a little time to work and think and write some work stuff as well. I'm so over time and I only had half an hour to make up, so when John was done with his ride, I took Jet again.

By this time he was pretty tired. So I had to work pretty hard to jolly him while John made us a spaghetti and meatball dinner. I finally set him in his high chair and fed him half a jar of 'garden vegetables' and he ate it so fast it just amazed me. After our dinner, John fed him two ounces of what we call vegetable Limburger and two ounces of apples and apricots. The Limburger is a combination of broccoli and cauliflower. The characteristic smell of broccoli is just really, really strong with this stuff, it's enough to bowl someone over, especially when the baby burps after eating this stuff, but Jet just loves it. I have no idea why but he really enjoys it and it's good for him, so we feed him plenty of it and he happily eats it. He had six ounce of food for his dinner, which is more than he's had in a very long time.

After dinner we all went out into the night for our walk. The wind was just blowing. And it was cold and dark and the moon was a half moon. It was bright enough to see the road by, but not bright enough to pick out much detail. Jet was wiggling and thumping around for the whole walk, actually moving the stroller around as he did that.

When we got back, John got me a few diapers and the massage oil. The blowing winds of the last few days have really dried the air out. The dew point this morning was at -2 degrees. The humidity is in the single digits. It's really dry out here. It was so bad, just these few days, that Jet's skin was drying out, so I decided to give him, for the first time in a while, an all-over massage with the oil. It's been quite a while since I did his whole body. I was astonished at how much longer his body, his legs, and his arms all are from when I started doing massages on him.

Jet loved having his legs done, but started crying and wiggling away from me, wanting to get up and crawl around again when I got to his arms. So I just gave up after swiping lotion onto him, and dressed him and put him back together. The Goodells said that it's really fun to have a naked baby crawling around, finally free of the diaper and happy to take advantage of that freedom. We'll try it on a warmer night. Jet really seemed to want to take advantage of the circumstances; but his feet were so cold, I wanted him dressed.

He was so exhausted by the time we put him to sleep that he just dropped right off. Jet seems to be cycling with the moon in his sleep cycles. I'll hope that it really does swing back to the once a night wakings again.

The day was tiring enough that I decided to cook some of the ready-bake cookie dough. Just enough for ten ooey gooey cookies fresh out of the oven. It's a good treat now and then, and I felt like I needed a treat. They're simple and good and enough to make me just that much happier when I'm down. John seemed to like them, too, and it just felt good to eat them with a mug of warm milk.

Something nice to go to sleep to after a day that just made my head hurt a little.

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