October 16, 1997

I howled last night, to the full, full big, fat silver harvest moon. Howled deep and long and Fezzik sat and watched me respectfully from his dark eyes, and I couldn't tell exactly what he was thinking, but it felt good to do. Did it when we got back, tired, sore, angry, frustrated and touched by something better forgotten. I howled my anger and pain to the moon and let it go.

I hate referees that let women get away with blatant fouls on men simply because they're women. The ref, by doing that, isn't doing them a favor, he's insuring that they'll do more and more stupid things until they get badly, stupidly, wrongly and for no fucking good reason hurt.

That's enough. I just hope I don't remember.

Work's been odd today, just waiting on Barry to kick off the big push project thingy. I'm finally figuring out that I'm just going to stay to see the end of this, good or bad. So that'll work out.

Also, this morning, John decided that he needed to get into work early, so he went by himself and I woke up when I wanted to and got in when I could. I made myself breakfast, and then got out the little box labeled 'green tea' that my father had given me for my birthday. He had told me the story of the tea, as a friend of his had traveled with it, nearly around the world with it before finally ending up in San Diego, which was where he finally gave Dad the wrapped tin. I opened the battered, square metal tin and blinked a bit as the tea was the darkest green tea I'd ever seen. The leaves were huge, too, completely unbroken and deeply fragrant.

I blinked a bit, thought a bit. Okay, it's supposed to be green. Big leaves... okay... so I brought the water to an almost boil as most greens like the water a little less than the first brisk boil, and then I put quite a lot of the big tea leaves into the pot, as most greens and big leaf teas have a lot more air between dry leaves than the little leaves make. I poured on the water and, guessing, I steeped it for only two minutes.

I took one sip and fell on the floor.

It was a Taiwanese oolong. Fragrant, deep, complex and lovely, amber in texture and taste, very faintly resinous with wood overtones, mellow and rich. It was such a surprise from something labeled so casually. It was utterly wonderful. So I did double steeps and no doubt about it, could probably get two more from it, later tonight, and they'll all be as complex and deep as the first. Yum.

Trip told me the other night that everyone in Mountain View is drinking tea now, instead of whatever they used to drink, and it's been fun to see, for him. That was kinda keen to know.

One really keen bit of news was that Carl's Livingston got bought by Lucent today! Hoorah! That was very good indeed for Carl. I'm glad good things happen to keen people.

Everything aches today, my lungs hurt even just from breathing, and my legs ache and I have a bunch of solid bruises inside my left leg. Tired. The game took a lot out of me and I could tell that I haven't been playing hard for a month. My calves, last night, cramped so badly only part of the way through the second half that there was nothing any resolve was going to do about it. Luckily, I didn't have to last the whole game. It was really rough, and hopefully I'll get better next week. Monday night, in the middle of the night, both legs cramped really, really hard until I hobbled into the bathroom, drank a pint of water and then went back to bed. I didn't get any more, which was quite a relief.

Also found a copy of Door into Fire with the original cover still on it, which was very nice to see. Somehow I'd lost my first copy and had a copy with the newer cover on it, and it just wasn't the same, turned out that it was a second edition with some changes through the text. That was interesting to know.

Kinda been wandering through the day getting tugged on the sleeve by various people here, asked what they should do, asked about various things about contracting, about what it takes to get a job, about what to have on resumes, about... well, all kindsa stuff. Odd to realize that even in real life, not just the Net, do people come to me with problems that need another brain or thought or viewpoint. It's interesting to realize that I provide a good deal of stability here.

Smurf nuts. The really intense comedian at the comedy club in Albuquerque had this thing about blue M&M's, he said that they looked, to him, like Smurf Nuts. Got Michael to laugh so hard he couldn't breath, especially when Bob said, "Poor Papa Smurf!"


People laugh at funny things when they're uncertain.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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