October 22, 1997

Guess who should have checked the weather report today?

It's raining. John and I drove in this morning in the Stoat, we just kind of piled into the convertible without thinking about it, as a last two days have been fairly clear. The sky was cloudy, but the last two days were pretty foggy, so we didn't think too much about it. As we pulled into Victor's, the clouds opened up and it began to rain.

We both just started singing, "I'm Singing in the Rain!" And laughing our heads off. That was pretty keen. The world's a pretty fun place. Amusingly enough, things haven't really changed all that much, the main shift has been in attitude. Just looking at what's fun and what we can do and then doing it has made quite a bit difference.

Fried chicken is good food. John and I tried to get fried chicken from QFC, on Monday night, but the chickens in the case looked pretty dead. In fact, they looked like they've been there a week. So, we bought about half a pound of chicken thighs, and I fried them at home, using a light egg batter and flour mixed with two dozen spices or so. They turnout crisp and hot and far less greasy then any commercial fried chicken I've ever had. Which was a good thing to know.

Actually dreamed about the fried chicken that night, and it was pretty good in the dream, too.

Made green chili stew last night, problem was that I made it with way too many chilies's, and the thing is so hot it blows my top off, but made John extremelly happy. I tried cutting it with another two potatoes, two cans of tomatoes and other stuff, but it's still godawful hot. So I'm asking John to ask all the people that he knows that love hot food to come by tonight and we'll make a party of it.

Or something.

Bought my plane tickets to San Jose for Halloween, so I think that I'm actually going to make it and it'll be a good reward for the work of these couple of weeks. Yesterday was entirely work, work, work, though I dropped by a few chat areas to just talk with people for a little while during breaks and things. It was good to just talk with Carl for a bit, and we had fun trying out a few things from Dragon Dictate to find out that a story he wrote six years ago might actually be partially possible today.

My voice is tired. But it's working pretty well for the things that I really hate doing anyway, which is filling in outlines and stuff. I've taught it all the wierd things that I want it to do, including putting down <laughter> whenever I laugh. That was kinda fun.

I've got my mocha and I'm nursing it carefully.

What's hardest about talking all the time to my computer is that I'm not used to saying anything, which is likely odd to all you reading this, but it's true. I don't usually say all that much, what I usually do is write in silence. Or with music. It's a very different animal to have to work through all the pronounciations rather than all the spellings. Acoustical versus graphical. I'm not sure I'm any good at either, sometimes. Ah well.

On with the work.

I think Ceej had something when she noted how much she enjoys workaholism sometimes. Sometimes I think that that is how and why I got to be one. It's a lot more enjoyable to be busy and not think about other things.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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