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October 1, 1998
a year ago

Perfect House Guest

Bryant has, pretty much, been the perfect houseguest.

He's been quiet, undemanding, has completely taken care of himself and understands, utterly, the soul-sucking sound of release schedules and has not minded not seeing us nearly at all all week. He's quietly let himself in, let himself out and entertained himself completely, and enjoyed having the house as his base of exploration. He brought Samantha up with him, his fine Jetta car, and has gone all over Seattle with her.

He was glad of the chance to explore the area, and have a steady base to explore from, and that was kinda cool. That it fit both ways. What was really nice was that he was really good about communicating his needs and his wishes and about what he was going to do or what we could expect or not expect. That was fun. I also managed to send him off with two copies of Harvard's Education for the Horde, but it seemed especailly apt as he's from Harvard.

He, on the other hand, gave me a copy of The Final Trumpet, which is an In Nomine suppliment. It was fun to talk about gaming with him, and I loved his ideas.

He was also going to have my birthday dinner with Jon and John and I, but due to circumstances beyond his control he really needed to get back to the Bay Area today. It upset me a little, but mostly because, with release rolling through, I had so little energy to deal with other surprises or unexpected anything, and it took me a few minutes to get the courage up to call Rover's and ask to have the reservation reduced from four to three. Mean some lucky someone will get to go there, instead, I think. I hope. Anyway... they didn't have a problem with it, and so that reduced worries all around. It was good, though, that he asked and we got it to work.

So that was cool. Yet another blow for 'you can't get what you want unless you ask for it'. It's cool.

Took Fezzik for a walk last night as John was just exhausted after his sailing trip. It was a good walk, and Fezzik stayed really close and I felt pretty good for doing it.

This morning, Bryant and I did breakfast at the Brown Bag Cafe, as John had to leave work around 5 p.m., so couldn't do a leasurely breakfast. It was great fun to just have the time to talk with Bryant about writing, about gaming, about wht is cool about it all. He touched on something I've always felt but never really put into words, that while storytelling is very important in gaming, that equally important, for some, is the sense of forces beyond anyones control working through the game, i.e. fortunetelling, i.e. rolling the dice. Determining the chances that fortune brings. It's more accurate that most fortune telling is, at least in game terms. You roll the dice and something expected or unexpected happens due to the numbers.

The play, yesterday, with Sephar illustrated that so much. I mean, I didn't want to break Demi's plot. At all. I wanted to just play Sephar as it would be played. That Will 12 has to be backed up with real characteristics and personality pieces of the character. That Sephar, so long as it has a Will finds a way to do what it can. It does not give up. And then the dice rolled for Sephar very well, allowing it to do *some* damage probably didn't break the plot but did allow that essential characteristic of Sephar to come through. Possibilities allowed through the chance of the roll.

I've always found that rolling dice for piece of the action in a game very important for me. I hadn't really realized why until Bryant said it. That the rolling of the dice was actually a fairly precise way of telling the future for a game.

The food at the Brown Bag was plentiful, filling, and good. "No Wimpy Food." A pretty good way of doing things.

He came to work with me, to drop me off, and look at the Liralen Cave, and then went off, back home to the Bay Area, with, likely, another stop at Powell's. Well, it is right on the way...

Work was okay. Did stuff, though I got in a bit late, and am fixing things gradually. Am still tired, and still running things close to empty, but knowing it has made it pretty important to take the time and keep the energy and do small things to keep my own enthusiasm up. Including buying a quart of Starbuck's chocolate chocolate fudge ice cream, yesterday and just eating a bit of it after lunch to just feel better in all kinds of ways. And making the time to do something other than just work.

Also changed to my new prescription with my contact lenses so focus isn't even really an effort anymore. I have a feeling that I read less with the last prescription because it really did start bothering my right eye to focus so closely when my prescription was for a very, very powerful lense.

Also been kinda lazy today with respect to tea, mostly just drinking the honey, green gensing that comes in tea bags from The Republic of Tea. Not so much the time as the volume has been right, and it tastes good. Small, simple pleasures. I've been setting them against stories that Beth McCoy wrote, that are set in the In Nomine universe and I recognize a few of the folks that we're seeing in Fiat.

I think a new log is up.

Hrm. Tomorrow is my birthday, and it's shaping up to be okay. Jon and I talked a bit about coordinating getting there and stuff. That should be good. John is gone tonight to soccer, so I'm catching up, easily, with this. I should probably set mind to microprocessor and get the darned Janus write-up started. Carl came up with this lovely quote from another journal. Check the third one out. It's the one that I keep feeling like I'm missing, but between all the Fiat folks and Bryant and Carl and John and a few others, I might have finally gathered enough to figure it out. Thought, I'll also admit that I think I give that to a lot of folks, which may be kinda cool in and of itself. Maybe. Or else I'm just going to sit around saying 'I should' and just never get around to it. No. I'm not. Just kidding. I'm going to write at least a few hundred words for Beth this weekend, just to see if I can wrap my brain around the feel the language should have.

Bryant, only half joking, said that I should do it in my Jordan voice, which would do all 6000 words in one sentence with no commas and no periods until just the very end.

At least, I think he was joking.

I keep singing snatches of Rent. Cera, it's all your fault. It's just stuck in my head.

It was a really cool evening.

One thing was that it was late and I really didn't want to make dinner, but decided how hard can spagetti be? It wasn't hard at all, and, in fact, we put one of the left over portabella mushrooms in it, as they were starting to get a bit mooshy. The sauce turned out good, the garlic cheese bread turned out great, and the spagetti was fine. Yum.

We watched Buffy after dinner, as I'd managed to tape it on Tuesday. I think the new season is going to be really interesting. I loved the one episode and am looking forward towards more.

After dinner, John took Fezzik for a walk. John also did all the dishes. But the reason John took Fez for the walk was because my large intestines did the usual thing under release pressure and stress and loosened up. So I was running to the bathroom a lot, and it hurt a good deal. The wind picked up while they were out, and I could hear it along with the soft drumming of rain on the windows. After so many weeks of clear weather it was almost odd to hear it. So I was having some gastic distress, and thinking that it was stress, I decided to take a bath and try and relax stone-hard muscles and the like. But I also miss talking with John and giggling with him, so I asked him to stay in the bathroom and talk with me while I was in the bath.

That was really fun. I wish I'd thought of that earlier, but it was really, really keen. We giggled and talked, and traded thoughts and he was doing the crossword and jumble from the newspaper, so I was doing bits of it in my head, with my eyes closed to see the letters, and that was cool. John ended up saying that I'd gotten a lot more fun as I grew older and I had to agree with him.

I'm not as uptight as I used to be. I'm happier. Certainly. I'm safer and more stable and able to say, "No." There was a phone soliciter that called while I was making dinner and was completely incomprehensible on the phone, so I just said a very simple, "No." when they took a breath and they hung up. It made it very easy.

Amusingly enough, John read me my horoscope from the paper, and especially the 'If October 2nd is your birthday...' bit and laughed his head off before reading it aloud as the first sentence was "You will enjoy excellent food despite digestive problems." The other bits included the discovery of writing talent this coming November and that the month itself would be filled with travel and new and exciting things. Every month has had some travel in it, we'll see about November. If I actually go down to the Bay Area for Halloween, get out to see Raven and Eric and Keely and others in D.C. later on in November, and then go home for Thanksgiving, that should fill that all nicely.

Of course, none of that may come true, but it's fun to see.

I think it's going to be a good birthday.

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