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October 6, 1998
a year ago

Talked Out Of It

Dr. Bogachus is a big, friendly guy, with gentle hands, a mustach and a deep, resonant voice. I'd seen him once, nearly five years ago, on the recommendation of Dr. Vickers, when I was still going to Dr. Vickers. He'd been specializing in implants for quite a while, even back then, and had given me the recommendation, back then, to live with the Maryland bridge for a while longer and come back later when the implant technology could deal with the small gap that I had for the single tooth.

He was amused when he heard what his earlier advice had been, as he looked, now at the tooth, the gap and said that the normal implant would actually work in the gap, as it would fit it perfectly. The problem, though, was that a tooth to match my reflective tooth wouldn't work very well in the gap, as it would leave a hole on either side of the tooth, and if he made a cap that was big enough for the gap it wouldn't match the other tooth. So the main goal of an implant, as a cosmetic helpmate in making the tooth look independent of the other two teeth by being independent wouldn't be fulfilled.

Three other points were that the gums that have receeded since the tooth went away would not grow back, so the implanted tooth would look longer. It would also be pretty much stationary, even as the teeth around it might shift, so if some kind of accident happened, an implanted tooth would do far more damage to both my jaw and the teeth around it and it was more likely for that kind of thing to happen to front teeth. Thirdly, the bone would dimple when the implant healed, so the tooth would be set back a bit from the rest, so would look even more funky.

As John and I sat there and listened, he basically went through all the reasons why I shouldn't give him more than $3000 for something that would, more than likely fail. It was very impressive.

If anyone in the Seattle area ever really needs an implant, as in rather than doing a bridge across molars, please, check out Dr. Bogachus in Bellevue. The man is really good.

Instead, he recommended that I see the local expert on Maryland bridges, and that he might be able to make me a new one that would look better, stay on longer, and chew better and be stronger than the one that I got fifteen years ago. That with advances in technology and technique, I might find something with greater longevity and better lasting and nicer looking now than was even available back then. Maybe even a tooth that could match the color of my teeth as they now are, rather than what I had fifteen years ago. Wow. It would be, likely, less than half the cost of an implant, have little to no healing time and no surgery, at all.

That would be pretty keen.

I hate mouth surgery. Probably something I share with everyone. We made the appointment with the local guy that really enjoys making and using Maryland bridges, so that's going to be tomorrow.

Tonight is code freeze. I'm sitting here at quarter to 8 p.m. staring at code and thought and much to be done, still. I'm not going to make all the changes and all the fixes that need fixing before the dropdeadline, but the testing is going to include two weeks for fixing things while things are being tested, and fixing some of the things that come up in the testing.

I feel like I'm pounding my head against an iceberg, trying to get it to melt.

And that I'm way too slow to actually get this all done, but then I knew that I probably wouldn't, and everyone knew that I probably wouldn't, but it doesn't help my brain or my feelings that say that I should. That I'm likely going to be spending the next weekend or two in the office working, and that missing tonight's deacons meeting isn't really going to help me too much with the work.

In many ways, there's big trouble brewing at church. People have called and written and asked me to take sides. I've a feeling that I don't want to get into the midst of the conflict and that I'd almost rather just distance myself when so much of my energies are needed elsewhere as well. Though I know that I'll probably have to go wading in when the going gets really tough. There's a lot of good people in the church and I'm going to have to do something in the long run. But, right now, I'm too drained, too messed up in other ways. Too many things that still need healing before I can actually be of any use to anyone else.

Though, amusingly enough, I'm going to be deacon Sunday. Yeesh.


So the romance novel helped out last night, but it meant that I didn't get up until late today, which wasn't a bad thing as I missed all the traffic and got to work in time for the status meeting, which usually does a pretty good job of starting me off on the right foot because I then know what it is that I'm going to be working on. But then we had to run to see Dr. Bogochas and I was then knocked off my track by the overturning of my tooth plans. I wanted it to just be over, you know? Decided and then we could do something about it and then be done. Now it's all somewhat up in the air again, though it is less rarefied air, and if the guy really knows Maryland Bridges, then maybe he could just tack it back on until next year and then I could get the new one made with money that I set aside for the bridge as most dental insurance doesn't really cover that kind of thing.

Nice thing is that work has this flex spending plan, where you can lay away money in the plan that you're going to use for medical or dental expenses that aren't covered by a medical or dental insurance. So it's basically spending pre-tax dollars on medical care. Which is very, very keen. Nearly a third off anything is a pretty good deal. So if I can hold off until next year, I may yet afford a few trips before the end of the year, if not... well...

I dunno.

It will just be good to just get it completely over with.

I am so amused. Rick just signed on as my brother on Six Degrees. That's really, really cool as he has acted as such for nearly fifteen years, now.

Wandered about the site and procrastinated just a bit while doing movie reviews and such, and filled stuff in here. I'm one big ball of procrastination, but I think I have some things figured out now, in the back of my brain. It's funny, with coding, how much of it I can process in the background, and then just write it.

I guess that's like writing...

Didn't get home until after 10 p.m. so John just heated up beans and hot dogs while I washed the pile of dishes in the sink. I should probably wash while I cook so that I know that my cooking tools are clean and useable every evening. It works better that way.

While we at the tremendously simple stuff, we watched the tape of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I'd set up. Weird to have to watch a tape of a TV series that was on the very same day, but with release coming, it's just been those kinds of days. It's likely to keep happening for the next few weeks, but then we'll get some time off.

Went to sleep like a baby. Deep and quiet, but dreamed of being the leader of a team of Slayers that just did a few things every night. Very unlike the 'rampage across demon country' dream of a long while ago.

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