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October 7, 1998
a year ago

Long-term Solutions

Spent most of the day fixing a particular problem that went through about five layers of code, involved a few dozen classes, though the eventual code change only touched half a dozen files. It was fun.

Talked with Marith about it a bit and said, at first that I was just shoving about pieces of classes and trying to fit them together, and she said that she got an image of a three dimensional crystal puzzle being quietly fit together. I said, yeah, like that, but imagine all the crystal is in motion, flowing, some of the pieces spawning other pieces, others eating some of the pieces around them. Coordinating all that motion as well as the fit and the interfaces between them... yeah...

Had a break for the status meeting, and then another at 1 p.m. to speak with Dr. Snyder about my Maryland Bridge.

One of the most amusing things about the consultation with Dr. Bogachas the day before was that he sounded nigh amused by Dr. Snyder's... uhm... involvement with Maryland Bridges. Admiration for the attention to detail, but I got the hint that among his peers, he was deemed obsessed with the particular and somewhat peculiar technology.

From Dr. Nelson, I'd been getting vibes that 'that old thing' was something he'd rather be rid of, and that he didn't really like it or get it. Though wasn't particularly against it, just didn't really understand it. And the hygienist he had had mutters, "What is *that*?" when she came across it. Though she got the idea that it was a bridge and checked for looseness to make sure there wasn't decay under it.

I kinda like it. In part it's not something that's destroying both teeth on either side of the 'replaced' tooth. It's light, simple, nearly elegantly cheap compared to implant technology. It doesn't require surgery, always a big plus in my book, and the concept makes sense to me.

And Dr. Snyder evidently and obviously understood what was involved not only in the making of one, but the maintenance and the tradeoffs regarding one. I asked a lot of questions and finally figured out a series of events that would make sense. Basically, that I get the thing retacked on, now, then at the beginning of next year, get a new one made. Part of the reasoning I learned when I got back to the office, afterwards. Turns out that it's only after a year's worth of coverage that I get 50% coverage on replacement bridges, and then only if they're more than five years old and can't be fixed. The other reason to wait for the new year is so that I can set up my flexible spending account to cover the other half, then I get to use pre-tax dollars. Not a bad deal.

It'll be a quick and cheap way to see just how good he is to do the re-tack and it's now set up for next week. Right around the time when I go to Dr. Nelson's for the cleaning and checkup, in fact, I'll likely be going to the checkup without my 'tooth' in. It'll be a thorough cleaning, I guess.

I'm contemplating changing completely to Dr. Snyder's care as he really seems to be of the school that Dr. Vickers was. Completely informative and willing to farm work out that he doesn't really know, i.e. give it to those that are as interested/obsessed with a particular procedure as he is with Maryland bridges. So it's very cool.

He also said that he'd likely send the bridge to a Lab to get it cleaned up and straightened out and tested to be sure that it's okay. To make sure that it's ready to put back on in the best condition possible. Neither of the fixes that I've had since I got it have been that thorough, so I might be able to just keep it for a while. I dunno. Depends on how he does it and there's the likelihood that the old bridge won't be nearly as flexible or as good about staying on as the new ones. There's plenty of evidence of that already.

So, all in all, that problem looks pretty solidly nailed.

And without completely hosing our money situation. Kinda cool.

Work work work.

It's going good. Got bit chunk *done*. The one that I wanted to do last night, but last night made this night possible, so... I'm happy. More stuff to do on the test plan and things to get done all around. It's kinda cool, all in all. There are still lots of things to fix and rewire and get to work again.

But it's mostly trackable, and it's mostly going to be done in two weeks. So it should work out.

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