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October 16, 1998
a year ago


One hefty concept change to the product got everyone scrambling today. Testing is about mid-stream, so we've still got plenty of testing time to go with the change, which is good. But I did some code hunting, deep into things today. So my brain just fried by this afternoon. Some small amount of that was due to the fact that we got up around 6 a.m. to get to breakfast at the Brown Bag before getting to work at 8 a.m., where we found Ryan outside, waiting for the timer on the lock to let him in when *it* thought it was 8 a.m..

Busy, hectic day.

Got some relief just futzing about with Genevieve's group in the Nutshell, the room we play in on tooMUSH, and with looking at the local high star restaurants on Seattle's sidewalk site. Also finally tried out Bookfinders, and looked for a book that I've been looking for for nearly twenty years. It's something I read as a teenager and it haunted me even then, not a really well known book by any really great author. It's just a haunting romance about a girl that moves into a house with the ghost of a young man who might, if he'd lived, have been the man she was supposed to meet and marry.

It's an odd book of romance and mistakes, of sorrows and hope. It's title is Tryst, and someone once looked it up for me and said that it was by Elswyth Thane. I kinda hope it's the same book, as all I ever really remembered was the title, and it seems a word that might be used as a title to a book a few times. Seems that it's been reprinted, in the mid-70's, and is only available, now, in hardback, and Amazon had it and bookfinders referred me to that fact. So I ordered it and it should be a few weeks before they even ship it.

Kinda amazing, to me, to finally find the object of my long search so easily. Carl had cool thoughts about that, too, but with respect to music.

So I'm rewarding myself for all this stress over the release, with the things that I can find, and that seems to be working pretty well, all in all. Including good tea when I can make it and good food the few times that I actually get around to eating. Breakfast was enormous and solid, lunch was late, but with breakfast I wasn't that hungry. John brought me some vegetable sushi from the local grocery store and, with it, brought me a lovely rose with yellow petals tipped in red. It's gorgeous, sweet smelling and lovely and is happily esconced in a giant vase.

He is a real sweety.

So, anyway, I'm brain dead, done with what needed to get done to get by the instant rush of work, the build worked, and it's nearly 7 p.m. so I'm goin' home...

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