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October 28, 1998
a year ago


Very quiet day, today. Not much to do, nothing left to do but test the final CD's, which we got and we used and it was very keen.

The status meeting was for about ten minute and mostly just was asking everyone if they'd found something that was a showstopper. There were none.

I mostly drank tea, tested, wrote stuff into the Fezzik page and meandered about in after-shock from things simply being done. We had a lunch for everyone, at noon, at the local pizza place, and Dan picked up the bill and we had a good lunch, just talking about the future, about what we wanted to do next, how we could make things even better.

That was very cool.

John and I left the office at 5:09, and that felt really, really weird. Truly weird. We stopped by the grocery store for a few things, and on the way home hit the rush hour traffic, swore at it some and I muttered about why we should be going home late if we were always going to hit this! John laughed at me.

We really realized just how oddly our metabolisms had adapted to our schedule when we got home and realized we weren't hungry at all. It wasn't until about 8 p.m. that I felt hungry at all. So we had dinner around 9 p.m., just like usual. That was really funny, but I guess one has to ease back into these things. We took Fezzik for our walk around 10, and it was bitter cold out and inside the house. Clear night, no cloud cover to keep the warmth in.

I dressed really warmly and walked. It was good.

While waiting on getting hungry enough for dinner, I read. My shipment from Amazon had arrived and in it was a copy of Tryst. It's a book I read when I was a teenager. Elswyth Thane wrote a lot of teenage girl romance novels, many of them historical in nature. There's an entire tree of novels that have to do with a family, and each of the children of the family and the adventures that happen to them. I'd read the lot, I think, when I was a kid, going through all of the library at school.

Of all the books I've ever read, this one has stayed with me for two decades. Though I've forgotten nearly everything from either high school I attended, this one detail stayed with me, the one title, and the one story. I don't really know why. It's a very teen girl kind of story. Romantic, in a very, very, very odd way, it's the epitome of lost loves, as the guy's dead before she even gets there. They've missed, completely, totally, and are doing their best, anyway, him to support her, her to love him.

Anyway, I got it, and I read bits and pieces last night, and it had all the overtones I'd remembered, from before, all the implied background information, all the things that come out, all the lovely tension between the unseen ghost and the sensative girl with the differences with the entire world.

So, now I have the story that haunted me, and it haunts me still.

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