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September 26, 2001
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Tough Work Day

1:40 pm: At 7 this morning we had two cement mixers in the driveway pouring cement into the framework of John's new garage. It was fascinating to watch the gray mud pouring out onto the ground, all lumpy and funny and nothing like smooth concrete until the guys started muscling it around and shoving it into place and then smoothing it, working it into the smooth, hard surface that we know, so well, as a concrete bed. It was fascinating to watch the transformation.

Nearly as fascinating to watch the old, leathered, crusty, sweating, booted, BIG concrete man peer at Jet and suddenly shove his gravel-like voice up a couple of octaves to get Jet to smile at him. Jet obliged with a sunny grin, and the crusty face cracked into a big grin back as well. That was pretty amazing to me. It turns out that the guy has a seven-month-old grandson, and enjoyed getting the baby to grin.

Babies get people to smile. All during our trip, people were randomly stopping and grinning at us and it would turn out that Jet had given them a smile. Jet's got it down pretty well.

7:17 pm: A pretty tough day for me, lots of work that is mildly frustrating and a burnt out boss that isn't really figuring out how to really delegate. He came to a meeting that I was initially invited to and basically told everyone that they didn't have their act together and that they should figure out what they really want before coming back to engineering. Kind of made my 'responsibility' for the meeting and task moot. We all do know that he's a micro-manager and really bad at delegating and he's working on it. It doesn't help that when I'm remote it's hard for me to direct a meeting at all.

So it was pretty frustrating.

Admittedly, the marketing folks did come with a 'solution' that involved doing four different things that would, each of them, have been a complete development effort in and of themselves, and Bill was very justified with his frustration with the marketing proposal. So it was frustrating in a different way as well, so it was just unhappy making.

Luckily, that was the last of four hours of meetings. Okay, so four hours of meeting was pretty tiring in and of itself, and I wasn't all that happy with that, either.

Lunch was good. Playing with Jet after the last meeting was good. I found myself falling asleep on the floor at 5, while watching Jet play. Jet is doing more mobile things. He's crawling backwards pretty frequently, now, and he's rolling and turning towards the things that catch his interest. He was also way too cute in a collared sailor outfit that was a bit big for him, but he seemed to enjoy the extra room.

Isabel was great and took full responsibility for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. She made a shrimp curry that turned out a bit hotter than she really wanted it, but with plenty of rice it was pretty good. I forgot to tell her about the Penzey's sweet curry instead of the grocery store curry powder she'd found. So the results were pretty interesting. I was just happy to have dinner ready while I could take a half an hour nap.

Jet was only napping for ten minutes or fifteen minutes at a time, all day, so by dinner time he was just grumpy and unhappy. He woke me up from my nap with lots of crying, and rather than expecting the dinner making Isabel to have to deal with him, I just go up and nursed him. John was outside with George, talking over the work George was doing with the electronics for the garage. I was able, much later, to tell John that it would have been really nice if he'd taken Jet in hand.

But while I was nursing Jet, he was quiet, he was content, he was half asleep as well. He got a good feed in and almost went to sleep. He woke up when I tried to put him down, though. I picked him up and he was sucking frantically on my shoulder, so I put a binky in his mouth and he quieted. He also woke up and started taking the binky out and looking at it and turning it around to suck at it from a completely different angle.

Jet studies things now. Anything he picks up, instead of going directly to the mouth, he now studies from all angles. He peers at it, and then sucks on it from all kinds of experimental angles. So he was sucking on the edge, the handle, as well as the nipple of the binky. That was fun to watch.

After nursing he was calm and quiet through dinner. So it seems like he needed it. He did squawk more and more as dinner went on. And then he fought being fed solids, which was mildly unusual. So John and I took him on a stroller walk in the dark. Jet was totally quiet for the whole of the walk, and I got to unload all of my frustrating with today with John listening. That was tremendously useful.

The wind picked up as we finished our walk, and when we opened the house, it just tore through the house, picking up papers and everything and throwing them around. That was pretty exciting. The wind was really blustery for a while and gradually wound down.

Jet actually ate some solids after we got back. Then we all sat down and watched the video tape from my dad. That was pretty cool. Jet was very intrigued by the baby in the TV and after the walk and food he was much happier. He was even playing and watched whenever the baby cried. He laughed a lot when everyone was laughing, too. That was pretty cool to watch.

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