Liralen's Adventure Through Life
September 2001
  1: Dim Sum
  2: Miles of Ma(i)ze
  3: Hospital and Bao
  5: Flat
  6: Celebration
  7: Getting It Done
  8: Screen-Dead Visor
  9: Serendipitous Cookbooks
10: Fezzik's Birthday
11: 9-11
12: Life Goes On
13: Miracles And A Normal Day
14: My Wrist's Not Broken
15: Four Outing Day
16: Dutch Apple Cake
17: Concentration
18: Doing Well
19: George and Isabel Arrive
20: Dinner Roulette
21: Growls and Rolling
22: Playing In The Grass
23: Grand Lake
24: Rocky Mountain National Park
25: Back In The Swing Of Things
26: Tough Work Day
27: One Of Those Days
28: Chili With Chile
29: Simple Party
30: Dinner With Ray

It began as a very interesting sort of month, with the end of my parents' visit here, the upcoming absense of Joan, a looming deadline on my behalf, a broken Visor, knowledge that my right wrist isn't broken, but was going to heal slowly.

Then, of course, the 11th happened, and in the wake of that we dealt with John's brother's travel plans being totally disrupted and then some uncertainty about John's parents' travel. But all that got resolved, and John's parents' visit coincided with Joan's departure, so we got all that worked out pretty well. There were then two really cool weeks of adventure, having someone watching Jet a lot while I had to work like mad, and fun.

Many of the interesting bits resolved themselves for the better as the month went on. My Visor was 'fixed' by Handspring for half the price of a new unit and I got a shining new Visor. Having John's parents here gave Jet some really great quality time with them and with us. My wrist gradually got better and better. I gradually got more and more work done. So, all in all, it has been a month we're glad we survived.

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