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September 25, 2001
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Back In The Swing Of Things

8:45 pm: A fairly busy day, getting back into the swing of going to work and actually doing something about work. It was pretty hard, in some ways and a lot easier than usual, because I had all the help at home with Jet. I could just leave him with them and just let them take care of him. I'd only come down when I'd hear Jet crying inconsolably, and then I'd go down and help out or nurse him as needed.

Of course, I think Jet learned, maybe, that if he cried loud enough, he'd get me. Which isn't all that bad a things, as he knew that he'd get me if he really wanted me. So he had at least that assurance.

I got to have lunch with Jet and Isabel and George and after the trip Jet's gotten even more mobile and better at doing things with his toys and with all the corners that he could back himself into.

When John came home we all piled into the Baby Buggy and headed for Home Depot to get the electronics for the garage. They'd finished all the framing and tomorrow they'll be pouring cement for the floor. We dropped George off at Target to drop off some film for processing, and then we all went to Home Depot while John found things. I had Jet in the sling and he looked at everything with interest. George tucked him into a five pound orange bucket and he disappeared right into it. Plop. Jet then peeked out and got his picture taken. We're going to have to get a copy of that an digitize it.

From there we went to Safeway and stocked up for four people. That was a lot of stuff. We also weighed Jet and John found that Jet was 18 lbs. 12 oz.! So it is about a pound a month. He's slowed down some, and after nine months, the weight gain should go down some more. Thing is that Jet's lengthened, even in the last two months, and doesn't look quite as chubby as he did when Mom and Dad were here.

Once home again, we just heated up some soup from the freezer, split pea and ham hock for Isabel and I, green chile stew for John and George. I baked a pan of Trader Joe cornbread and we enjoyed that greatly. The crunch of good, stone-ground cornmeal, the crisp crust, and the soft crumb of the interior. With the cooling weather, the soup and bread were good, and it was simple enough to make.

Jet got a bath. He was sticky and stinky from the weekend out and all the rolling around on things he normally doesn't. John and I did it quickly and efficiently and it was actually pretty fun to have all three of us in a warm bathroom with plenty of steam and Jet in the tub. He's liking bathes more now that we figured out we could tip his head back to wash his hair. He really didn't like getting the stuff in his eyes, and now he doesn't at all, and is a much happier camper. We should probably do this more often, as he doesn't seem to mind it and it probably makes him more comfortable, especially when he does get food all over himself.

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