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September 20, 1998

Of Gifts and Groups

Before we left for dim sum in the morning, Carl handed me a box. A lovely, simple, cardboard box. I opened it and in it was the gorgeous, ultra-soft, red one ways, purple the other way velvet scarf. It's impossible to describe in words the exquisit combination of texture, warmth, and jewel-rich color that that scarf has. It's amazing, and I was astonished to receive it as an early birthday gift from Carl.

Thanks, so much!!

We got to the dim sum place to find that it was closed for remodeling. Then people started to show up. More and more and more people, until we had about 17 people. Folks recommended another place and so folks started to filter over there. Turns out they didn't serve dim sum, but a place across the street did.

Have you ever tried to organize 17+ people into appearing at a *second* restaurant at the right time? It worked out. Probably because the Horde just rocks. Partially because at the time we agreed on for the second restaurant, I went over to the second to point a straggler to the third. It worked out and we all had much food, much conversation and much fun.

Afterwards, Carl took me to the airport pretty quick. Dropped me off with my bags and I made it to the airplane in plenty of time. I had twice as much baggage going as coming, because of all the books. That was pretty amazing.

John was there to pick me up, that was very cool.

Mostly a lazy afternoon, watching football and drinking iced tea and figuring out something for dinner. We had portabella mushrooms from the party, so I made up a portabella mushroom and chicken with goat cheese quiche with lots of onions and yummy, crisp crust.

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