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September 21, 1998
a year ago

Six-String Samurai

Go see Six-String Samurai. Just do it, don't argue. Just go see it.

We missed a chance to go see Jackie Chan sign books at a bookstore near the theater to see it. I even saw it for the second time. I'm hooked. It's a move that made a dozen people just go "Wow." when it was over. John loved it. I think I'll now go and worship Jeffrey Falcon for a while. Excuse me while I just have a total crush.

There, I'm back, a little better now. <sigh>

It's Hong Kong martial arts action flick, mixed with just that marvelous blend of humor and violence; but so much more, as it touches on nearly all the U.S. cult movie classics in some way or another. It's got wacky, vivid imagery with some of the most beautiful and deadly landscapes in America, plus an odd, deft hand with some of the legends that run deeper than thought. It's odd because the hand is so completely over the top with the way the rest of the movie is built.

Amusingly enough, it's now coming out in comicbook form as well. And I now just have to get the sound track and other things. Turns out that the budget for the film was really low, and it kinda looks it but it also looks like they meant some of the low budget 'features' in the sense of Hong Kong action movies. What's coolest is that the movie can be taken on the surface level of wild action, but there are so many deeper currents that I like just sliding down in my head. So many other stories... that I ended up dreaming about setting things up for the coming of the King, and doing more and more cleanup of the badlands until I suddenly realized that the King wasn't coming and that I'd effectively taken the role. What a strange dream.

The day itself was somewhat unremarkable but for the fact that I was lightly sleep dep'ed from the week before and from the weekend. Just a few more hours into debt as Carl was pretty good about giving me the time to sleep. Notes from the trip are written, by hand, into a notebook, I will likely dictate them directly into the weekend's entries, just to see how different handwritten notes are than typed or dictated stuff.

I did much coding. Did it well, and thoroughly and had fun with it. That was good. Mark was in a mood. But I did okay with it, on the whole. Realized, again, very thoroughly, that I cannot change his moods and I am not responsible for them. Period. A very, very, very important lesson, I'm finding.

Was mildly contemplating going to the Jackie Chan signing, but when it was time to go home, I realized I just wasn't going to make it. But I showed John the Varsity time table on the movies and he said, "Want to go see it tonight?" I couldn't really think of why not, other than the sleep dep, so we went. It was marvelous. John loved it.

We then wandered over to Pagliacci's, as I hadn't had their pizza for a long time, we don't get on that side of the lake all that often, so it was well past time. I just had a slice of the original cheese pizza and a piece of the goat cheese with Lotsa Stuff. I think I should just get more of the cheese pizza next time. Simple, delicious, perfect and hot, they actually stick it through a rolling oven before handing it over, so the crust was crisp and hot and the cheese perfectly gooey.

We dropped by the cleaners/alterations place and found out that the lady that usually does the work was sick over the weekend, so couldn't do it. So it would be ready the next day. I was sad that she was sick and felt odd having them still push it, but it was basically being done today and she'd deliver them in the morning. So it was likely done, just not delivered back to them in time. So that was okay.

We got home fairly late after the movie and Fezzik was still pretty sore from his park run the day before. He did run around when we got home, bumped up against us, got lots of cuddles, dinner, and a trip outside onto the lawn and then he just laid down and went to sleep.

John and I got into the hot tub. No more chlorine, thank everything. It was just gorgeous outside, clear and bright and so I turned off all the lights in the house, lit a candle in one of my glass paneled candle lanterns and went out with that to light my way. Then sank into the incredible, visceral heat of the hot tub and had that incredible reaction of deep heat against the cold of the air outside and the cold lodged in the bones of my body by the night wind blown ride across Lake Washington in the Stoat. When I could see again, I looked up at all the silver stars in the sky. The new platform is well away from the house, now, so we can see much more of the sky. What a lovely sight to study.

Being so completely warm made it very easy to get to sleep. Yum. Sleep.

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