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September 27, 1998

Lazy Sunday

We mostly just sat around, watched football with Bryant lazing about and being happy about not working.

Ran around to get various things, enjoyed the sunshine in the Stoat, finally ended up washing Fezzik outside. That was good. The sunshine made it simple to do.

Got to visit with the Goulds for a while and meet their horses. For all that people call Fezzik a horse, when he steps on my toes, they don't break. Horses are just really *big* animals, and the two that the Goulds have are just lovely, gorgeous, well-mannered, and really loving. I can tell, in some ways, that Carol is their human, in that they trust her implicitly even to the people that she brings into their pasture. That is really cool.

I also proved to myself, once again, that I'm really badly allergic to horses, and hay, and... well... anyway. I washed my hands very thoroughly and was glad.

Made a quick dinner of chicken with green chiles. Enough that the chicken burned my mouth solidly as I ate. But John and Bryant loved it, so it was about right. Watched a lot of football and ended with Goldeneye. I like Brosnan's Bond, just that right amount of suicidal Brit. Fun.

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