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September 12, 1999
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Lazy Sunday

Morning. Ugh. Morning.

I went back to sleep a couple of times.

Though one time I woke up to a fly zooming near my ear, so I yelled for John, and John came with a fly swatter and swatted at the fly a few times. He got me with every swat, and finally got the fly. Made me laugh a lot, which hurt just a little, but not too badly.

Eventually got up around 11 again, and had been dreaming about biscuits all during the last sleep cycle, so I did all the things that I dreamed. I first turned the oven to 475. I took 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup cake flour, then two teaspoons of baking powder, 1/2 tsp of baking soda and a good pinch of salt and mixed it all together, worked in 2 Tbs butter, 2 Tbs shortening until it resembled crumbs. Then I got out the buttermilk and just poured and mixed and poured and mixed and when I ran out of buttermilk, I used regular milk and got the dough to a consistency where it was just between dough and a really thick batter. Just barely handleable but still recognizable as dough-substance as it turned out of the bowl and sat there instead of running around.

I then very gently pressed it on itself five times, and patted it out. Cut biscuits from it and put them on a greased baking sheet and popped the whole thing into the oven.

Fifteen minutes later and I had the biscuits I'd hoped for. Fluffy, white, light, crisp on the outside, butter tender on the inside, and really tall and light. It was really good! John even liked them a lot and I was very happy with how they turned out. John made chorizo and egg to go with the biscuits and he ate a lot of the biscuits that were made, so that was really good.

There really wasn't all that much morning left after breakfast, and I was exhausted by the effort to make breakfast. I'd been sneezing all of yesterday, runny nose and everything, and with the way I was feeling I thought I had a cold. Eventually, John and I ended up curled up together on the couch, watching football raptly, and giggling at each other's stupid jokes.

I also really wanted to try more of the ice cream now that it had solidified. So John dished some out, and it was really nice and soft, utterly unlike the leftover chocolate ice cream from the last party. When I got a spoonful of it into my mouth it was unlike any other ice cream I'd ever eaten.

All commercial ice creams that I've eaten and about 80% of all ice cream recipes that go with most ice cream makers are actually recipes for frozen custard, where one takes the milk and cream and sugar and eggs and heats it all up and stirs it a lot to thicken into a stove-top custard. The custard is cooled and then goes into the ice cream freezer. When custard freezes it has an almost rubbery texture, a mouth feel that had body to it, body lent by the cooked eggs and a richness that's very much associated with egg along with the cream richness. This had no egg in it, and it was amazing the difference in both texture and flavor. It was like a light, fluffy ice, with absolutely tiny ice crystals that instantly melted on touching the heat of the mouth and then the cool creamy sweetness hits along with the rich taste/scent of vanilla. The texture was crisp rather than custardy and utterly unlike anything I'd ever had before. It really tasted and almost felt like a True Hawaiian shave ice, where the ice is shaved so very finely that it just melts on contact.

No, snow cones are *not* real shave ice.

I nearly cried in Denver, once, when there was a stand that said shave ice and it was just snow cones and they didn't even have red beans, and without sweet red beans there is just no point to shave ice.

Anyway... the vanilla ice cream turned out marvelously and I'm almost glad, now, that there were fewer people at the party than we'd planned for because that meant that we had plenty of leftover ice cream.

We spent most of the afternoon doing that instead of going to a movie or anything else. I was just so tired, and it was nice to just cuddle and watch the Redskins and Cowboys have an incredible game. By the time the second round of games started, though, I had a mild headache from all the close-range focus, so we decided to take Fezzik for a walk. We went out to as set of ponds by I-25 near our house, and walked with Fezzik all the way around one of the bigger ponds. Now and again, Fezzik would go into the water to cool off and swim.

That was fun to watch. I didn't think I'd make it all the way around the pond, but I did. That was very good. The day was crisp and clear and just *being* near so much water was a relief of an odd sort. The air was different and the whole vision of the sunlight off water just was very soothing. The physical exertion was far less taxing than I thought it would be. The recovery capabilities of the body is amazing.

The ponds were just east of Longmont, so we went there, afterwards, to do a little shopping. I wanted some overalls, as I realized, while talking with Ray, yesterday, that overalls don't have a waistband and with all the cuts on my tummy, still, it would be good to be able to wear something that didn't have a waistband. So we stopped at the Country General and I found overalls while John found a set of coveralls that would let him work in the garage in the winter, easily. Very nicely made.

We stopped by the grocery store for a few things, and John was very patient with me when I impulse bought some cereal for myself.

We then had dinner at Aunt Alice's Diner, which turned out to be completely crowded for good reason. We ate out on the porch to get out of the smoke, and it was pretty cool out there. The weather's broken, it seems, from the summer heat of 90's in the day and 50's at night. Tonight's supposed to be in the 30's and the daytime temps only ever reached the low 70's. So it was cool there.

There was good food, fast service and good prices on really simple, really good food. John got the four piece fried chicken and I got the roast turkey plate and it came with all the trimmings and good gravy and yummy dressing. We ate happily for less than $20. Got back to a Fezzik-in-pond smelling truck and he was happily curled up on the floor of the truck just napping in the warmth of the interior of the truck. I think he liked being there and being with us.

We got home as the sun was setting and ate some of the vast array of desserts that were left in the house from the party. The baby Browns were playing the Steelers and I was curious enough about the new team to watch the game and saw some small good things but lots and lots of sad things. The baby Browns just got stomped, but the fans seemed to still be happy just to have them exist at all. So that was good.

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