Liralen's Adventure Through Life
September 1999
  1: Nailing Down Reality
  2: Wrestling Probabilities
  6: Reset
  7: Recovering
  8: Choices
  9: Wearing Through the Week
10: Dizzy Day
11: Fezzik's Party
12: Lazy Sunday
13: Monday Night
17: Bob Week
18: Work Day
19: Big Score!
20: Long Day, Cold Night
21: Snow and Pho
22: Hard Knocks
23: Realities and Columbine
24: Friday At Last
25: Jones' Pass II
26: McGukins' Tent Sale!
27: Good Ending to a Bad Day
28: Alone at Work
29: Story
30: Last Push

Started with the surgery to 'restore anatomically correct function'. Half the month was just me being tired and trying to recover from the fix.

We also celebrated Fezzik's 11th Birthday with his very own party. It was fun and not quite as big as last year's, but he was happy and did really well and had a lot more dogs, this year, to run around with and play with. The ice cream was incredible, thanks to Good Eats, my present favorite program on the Food Channel.

A lot of this month was also eaten up by work. I'm unused to this medium level of effort, where there's a sustained, medium-level push rather than the ups and downs of being a little company living or dying by what we released last.

The ending of the month came with the visit from John's parents and then our own mini push before going off to Albuquerque for the Balloon Feista in our main summer vacation.

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