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September 13, 1999
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Monday Night

The best thing about Mondays is that there's Monday Night Football. Bryant's the only other Horde member that I know who has a sports bit; but most other folks in RL seem to have the sports bit and, since we're now just a few miles away from Denver, everyone here seems to be interested in the Opening Monday Night Denver game.

Work was cool, actually. Bob was here, and he was really marvelous and got me *everything* that was on my list including a few more things, two different Chinese sauces to help me on my quest for the Right Chinese spaghetti. He also got me all the Bernard C. chocolate I was craving and wanted so badly. So that was *really* cool and it was all in a pile in my cubicle when I got in, so I went to his office to jump up and down and be really happy. That was pretty fun.

So I went to meetings and worked and did stuff, and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. Part of the problem was that I was supposed to move cubicles and John and I were both moving to different spots and we had to tell the admins and the facilities guy as he had to change a few levels of worksurfaces and the additional problem was that the cube I was moving into was occupied by a guy that was supposed to move into *my* cubicle so the transition would likely have to be at the same time and coordinated with all the computer folks and facilities.

Whirl and mix. Chug.

So at 4 p.m. it all fell together at once. And I borrowed a three-tiered cart and loaded up all three tiers and only had half of my stuff on it and when I moved it it was groaning and moaning and wobbling. Ooops. Mostly books, some toys, lots of tea made up the load. This wasn't, at all, including the machines, which IS came up to get and unhook and cart away and exclaim over my keyboard.

Story, the guy who was in the cube I was moving to looked minorly started at the HUGE LOAD OF STUFF. But he got his stuff over into the cleared out spot I'd left and we started the transfers. Though, since IS and facilities were busy on the surfaces after he left, I mostly just sat around and waited until they were done, and even borrowed a second cart to get the last of my stuff out of the old cube and put somewhere else so that Story would have room. It worked out, and I got the second car unloaded while the machines booted up and when they tested okay, I was all set and it was late enough that John looked hungry.

So Bob, John and I went to KT's BBQ and got good BBQ and went home and watched football! It was an old tradition of John's and mine to go to the Texas Smokehouse BBQ when we used to live in Redmond and we'd go there and eat their all-you-can-eat beef ribs while watching Monday Night Football. Tradition and pleasure and relaxing all in one.

The game wasn't that good, all together, but then Monday Night games don't ever seem to be all that much better than the average, for all that they pump them up with advertising and media blitz. Miami played a very good game, and Denver made way too many mistakes. The new quarterback was... well... new, and he actually did fairly well for a new QB and actually did better than I expected. He's really going to have to learn how to feel out blitzes, eventually, but in the meantime he got his head stuffed into the dirt a few times. I guess it's one way to learn or burn. The rest of the offence and some of the defense really messed up badly at times, which wasn't what I expected, at all. I have this feeling the Bronco's got either complacent in the off-season or are in complete denial about Elway going away in the off-season and they are just not getting their brains in the game.

Mom called before the game was officially over, but it was already over from another point of view, and I sat in another room and talked with her and Dad and Kathy for a few hours as Bob wended his way to his hotel and John cleaned up after our dinner. It was good talking with everyone. It wasn't until 11 that I went to sleep, which is the latest I've been up since the surgery and it worried me just a little bit, but I got to sleep pretty quickly after that.

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