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September 20, 1999
a year ago

Long Day, Cold Night

Another really long day at work. Maybe a long day period as John got up a little after five a.m. to get the ride with his boss to the airport. I managed to get back to sleep for a bit, but Fezzik woke me up barking right outside the door to the bedroom. John had let him out when he went out, which was good, but Fezzik chose to lie there and bark for a bit.

I had to get everything finished up, tested, built properly, tested after the common build, and then publish it all for everyone to use before tomorrow morning. So I went crazy with it all day. Spent a little time at lunch time going to the Boulder Asian market for some Szeschuan peppercorns for smoking a chicken Chinese style, eventually. That was cool and they had handmade lemper, which is a stick rice cooked in coconut milk wrapped around a sweet chicken filling with a banana leaf wrapper around that. All of that it steamed like an Indian tamale and it's really good.

On the way back to work, I stopped at the restaurant supply place and wandered up and down the aisles oooo'ing and aaaaah'ing. Very nice place. HUGE multi-quart snap-on lid plastic containers far sturdier than anything I've ever found in grocery stores or retail places for about the price of the little one-cup serving containers. It was amazing. I also got a half sheet baking pan, completely non-stick and completely sturdy. Solid enough to get banged around a lot and still retain it's shape and solidity. Very nice. A near-equivalent was selling at The Peppercorn for $18, here it was just $10. Very, very fine.

So I was pleased. I ate the lemper for lunch, and didn't eat my lunch until 4, which gave me the energy to last until 8 as the last things finished. Hoorah!

I drove home in the dark and when I pulled up to the gate Fezzik really surprised me by actually meeting me at the gate. Usually he just lies around on the lawn and watches us open the gate before coming to greet us. This time, he was right there, running into me a few times to get pets before he'd go back towards the house. I wonder if he missed me?

After he got into the house and I fed him, however, he started ignoring me like normal and went outside for a while to get wet in the slow hanging drizzle. It drizzled all of yesterday and all of today and the temperatures around here dropped dramatically.

The temp in the house dropped pretty low as well, and I was shivering by the time I got into bed. I had enough wool blankets to keep me warm once I got them warm. It took a while. If I weren't so allergic to close-up Fezzik, I might have invited him into bed with me. Okay, that and the fact that he'd get too warm and get uncomfortable about lying on a soft surface and and and...

John called just before I went to bed; and it was good to talk with him. I even didn't get to sleep too late. Hoorah! This is a first for me when John's away. But work, today, just exhausted the heck out of me. I like to think I'm all recovered, but, really, I'm not. It took a lot more out of me than I liked.

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