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September 30, 1999
a year ago

Last Push

A day of reckoning...

The mountains were as brown as if there were never snow. It is amazing the swing, it's supposed to get to 80 today. Two days after snow it's sunny and beautiful and warm again.

I got something done today at work. Actually finished, tested, polished and published and gotten thoroughly in. Hoorah! This with a bugs meeting where I got assigned the one bug I'd been working on. This is a good sign.

Lunch was a burrito from the Burrito Man after I rode the exercise bike. The exercise and the shower felt really good.

Then around 4 we went to see the doc that did the surgery on me. She did an examination, thorough, and determined that I'm healing up well. Then we sat down and talked with her about the results and they were pretty much what she'd said to John. The one ovary was completely bound and unavailable to the near tube. So it is an explanation for being completely sterile for the last while. This is good. Reasons are good.

So we get to see what happens naturally.

It was a good relief just to know things, though she had said most of this to John just after my surgery. It was just good to talk it through, ask questions, see what the real consequences were and figure out all the next steps to do. Plans are useful for settling ones life a bit.

On the way back to work, we stopped at the Italian deli as John wanted to work late. We both knew what would happen to me if I didn't eat, so we got me plenty of food, and took it to work. Everyone else was staying late, as well, so we just sat down and got busy. Most of the rest of the folks were working late in order to get a demonstration ready for tomorrow; but it all fit pretty well.

We didn't go home until 9, which was well past the time everyone else went home. Originally, we'd thought about leaving Friday night for Albuquerque, but since it was so late, we decided that we'd go Saturday, after I slept until I got up. I am still exhausted from the whole last week. Too much to do and too much time spent with too many people, in some ways. I needed some time to just be alone and when we didn't get time alone until after folks went to sleep, I would just stay up a bit later to have some time to myself.


Tired. Much more tomorrow.

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